Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Getting out of Comfort zone

Dear Visitor,
How you are doing?

 It was very foggy here in Toronto, yesterday.
It was raining most of the time. The day was very dull and sleepy.
I was supposed to go to work. My inertia was keep telling me to call in sick and sleep in.

Then, I remembered: Getting out of your comfort zone is the way to riches.
So, I dressed up and walked out of the door, into the slow rain.

I can assure you it was good. The visibility was poor. I saw an accident happened on the way. Glad that no one was hurt.

Even the work place was unusually quiet. A very slow moving day. It was not cold either.

So, without working that hard, I managed to finish the work day.
Yes, get out of your comfort zone .
There is more fun waiting for you outside.
So how you tame a dull day? Any ideas to share?

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