Wednesday, 12 October 2016

No Spending week

 Hi Visitor,
If you check my Blog List, you can see the first one as Frugal Queen.  That is the newest blog got added to the list.

I read the latest post and commented thinking, buy nothing means you cannot go even grocery shopping. The Frugal Queen corrected me: I can buy groceries and fuel. But there is no other shopping.
Doesn't that sound so cool!!!

Think of it! I was having a buy nothing month in October. There were only grocery purchases!!! Nope: I bought a bread machine this month. Hum... Too bad.

May be I can do a buy nothing week now. There was some shopping for groceries during the weekend. It was thanksgiving weekend. Yesterday, i found out that I needed yoghurt. Since I don't want to go to grocery for yoghurt alone and to get tempted, made yoghurt at home. Thankfully, there was a bit of yoghurt left in the container to use as culture. It is getting really good.

Have you ever done a buy nothing week?

Ever thought about not spending for at least one day?
I would love to know. Do you like any other blogs to be added to my list? Please please tell me.


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