Monday, 31 October 2016

Predicaments of Monday

Dear visitor,

One more weekend is over. To be precise, last weekend of October 2016 is over. Today is Halloween.

With no school aged kids at home, I don't plan anything for Halloween. No costumes, no decorations and no trick or treating. Is it good or bad??? I don't know. 

Mondays can be little bit miserable too. All working people will understand that right? After a full day of staying home, there is always an inertia to get out and go to work. 

Mondays really motivates me to be financially independent. It does not mean the work is horrible though. 

Most of the Mondays, it is just a matter of getting out and reaching to the work place. Once that is done, I am fine for the rest of the week. The running keeps you running, don't you agree?
Always the final weekend of the month is more stressful than other weekends. I really have to make sure there is enough money in the bank to pay the pre authorized  payments. sometimes my employer do not pay the cheque on the first day of the new month. Those times i might have to pay the fines imposed by bank.... Yeah sometimes life really sucks. 
Thanks for listening to my complaints.  Pretty sure this Monday will also be over. My frugal ways of living and saving will let me free from future money dilemmas, I hope.

I comfort myself: We always have to get out of the comfort zone to achieve something. 

So, how you handle your Mondays? Are they happy starting of the week? Are they struggle to overcome the inertia of staying home?

Till next time


  1. Getting the timing right for payments can be a tricky thing. Now that I only get paid once a month (I receive work pension and Canada Pension) I have to be really careful. Once in a while I will transfer money from savings "just in case" and then transfer it back to savings once my pensions have been deposited. It's a pain but prevents any fees.

    1. Yes, the pain of transferring from savings to checking and back is better than paying the fees.


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