Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Recycling used tea bags

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I was heard so many uses for coffee ground. Are there any uses for tea bags? Any way to recycle the tea bags?

Seems like there are some ways. Of course you can compost them after brewing tea. I use my green tea to make more than one cup of tea. Sometimes, i will use one bag to brew 4 cups of tea. Then the tea will be in  vacuum flask.  Sometimes, I brew one cup and then keep the tea bag in the fridge and brew it again in the same day. It will not be as good as the first brew. Some people leave the bag in the water (about 1/2 litre) for some time. Then reheat the tea in the microwave.

While looking for ideas, i came to know that the the tea bag can be used to mend a broken nail. Just cut the bag and use nail polish to cover the broken nail and paint over it again.

Another idea is to place used and cooled tea bag over the eyes to remove puffiness and under eye circles.

You can use green tea or black tea to sooth the sunburn and other minor burns. 

One recipe for homemade shampoo for coloured hair uses black tea instead of water. Didn't you heard that black tea is good for hair?

Tea is good to absorb smells. So, dry tea bags can be used in the fridge instead of baking soda. Some websites suggest to sprinkle used tea (dry them first) on the carpet and to vacuum after 10 minutes to clean. 

You can spray some essential oil on the tea bag to use as air freshener. Since it comes with a thread, easy to hang. 
 You can use a bit of black tea to shine your dark hard wood floor. It can also be used to clean wooden furniture.

Since it absorbs smell, you can soak your feet in brewed tea to help smelly feet. 
What are other ideas for used tea bags?
How you recycle tea bags?

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