Thursday, 13 October 2016

Stocking freezer : Onions

Hello visitor,
I am glad you come here. There is one more frugal story this week.
October is the month to stock up fridge. Like all other frugal people, i also love the veggies on sale.

Last weekend, hubs got a big bag of onions on sale. Yes, of all the things, he bought 10 lb bag of onions. Now, I am on to taming that one. For the thanksgiving dinner, we used up lot of onions for the stew. But, still there are more onions left over.

I will tell you one more secret: October is the less working month for dental assistants. My bosses love to take the dental off season to take vacations. That makes less income for me, (No work, no money.)
So, I have tons of time in my hand right now. So, I am chopping the onions (yes, crying too). Then the chopped onions are going to be on the stove top, getting caramelized. Once they are done, I am going to keep them in the freezer. (I am doing this batch by batch. )
They will add flavour to mostly anything I make. Don't you love caramelized onions in your stir-fry?

What do you do with such big quantity of onions? 
Until next post,
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