Friday, 11 November 2016

Afterthoughts of an Election

Dear Visitor,
Glad to see you back. Think, you already know that I am Canadian. Yes, I am first generation immigrant. 
I always thought of America as a prosperous country. The America we see in the movies and news is a very rich country.
So, naturally every other nationalities wanted to live in there. So, the world was watching closely how their election going to be too.
As the results are out, Trump is the President elect, and the news is filled with people protesting about the result. 

Didn't we saw the same fear in Brexit? Many young people were confessing after the Brexit vote that they didn't went to  vote. Same goes in the American election too. Many young adults were too busy to use their vote. Now, the results are out. So many people are angry: They do run protests, ruin public property, getting arrested... I feel sad for them. 
In this free country, doesn't the President Elect deserve a chance? Even tough he is not a career politician, and he said "you are fired" many times, being a fellow citizen, doesn't he has the same rights like the rest of you? The people who voted for him also deserve to be treated nicely, don't you think? May be your neighbour, your next of kin might have voted for Trump. Otherwise how he won?

What do you think? Are you scared right in this moment that your life is going to change?

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