Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dilemmas of Spending

Dear Visitor,
Glad to see you back.  
Hope, you are getting ready for the holidays. I can see the malls are getting decorated. Shops are arranging things and displaying more boxed items, which can be bought as gifts. 

The problem is not finding gifts. The prices at the shops are gone much higher this year. I used to buy the face cream from Walmart for less than $10. But now, the same bottle is over $12. So, I settled down with a body lotion of the same brand. I can use body lotion on the face too. Substitute baby.

I want the ActiFry electric fryer, oh, I really want the Roomba, I must have that Dyson vacuum cleaner... Yes, I am drooling over all those things on display and all those things on flyers. 
Then I look on the countertop,  look on my little condominium. No, I don't need all those things. Now I remember Extreme Jacob and think of my age and my retirement. 

After started the savings, I can see  little changes in how the money is handled. 
How you are doing with money? Are you reluctant to spend too? How you doing with gift purchases?
Am I the only one doing without face moisturizer?

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