Friday, 11 November 2016

Frugal Friday

Dear Visitor,
I bake more than one bread this week. That is a good thing because hubs was suggesting to eat out. Since my second bread is getting baked right now, he changed plans. It is good to keep money in the vallet, isn't it?  Anything more tasty than a freshly baked bread?
Then even the weather is getting colder, managed to walk to work one day. 

The heating is not turned on in the apartment yet, even though I tempted to do it...

Cooked everything at home this week and took lunch to work too. 

There was some temptation to buy new sweaters. So, did some organizing to see what do I have. Turned out, it will be enough for this winter anyway.

The clothes got line dried this week too. I found out the gentle cycle on the washing machine  is enough to keep our clothes clean. Have you ever tried that for regular clothes? I am not sure it will save energy, but it can save the life of the clothes.

Now what you guys were doing this week frugally?

Until next time....

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