Monday, 7 November 2016

Frugal living is Green living

Dear visitor,
I love to save my money, and you know that. 
Does the word frugal makes you cringe?

I can see many people around are just not interested in being frugal. I can see the attitude of "it is not going to make much difference" attitude everywhere. I might say like" I finish the cooking before 7 am to take advantage of the off peak hydro rates". Then the listener will say "That won't make much difference. You cannot save a big amount of money by doing so". But they all agree that I am saving the energy by using energy efficient equipments and it is good for the environment. Yes, I am saving my money and I am GREEN too.

Think of it: It will add up, right? If you don't save it will not make any difference in your life anyway. So why not save at least a little whenever you can?

Now, being green is hip. We frugal people are doing that by not really giving it a thought. The frugal people take lunch in reusable containers. By doing so they are saving money and not putting a lot in the trash and there by saving the environment. 
Most frugal people like Mr. MMM are biking and walking instead of driving. That is a lot help to the environment. Isn't it green living too? (Most frugal people don't spend more money to buy a hybrid car, they may have cars that are not gas guzzlers)

Many frugal people like me are using the green cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda. We make our own soaps and there by reducing the many packages sent to landfills. That is green living, right? 
Frugal people try to avoid using paper towels and disposable cleaning products. They try to have reusable wipes and napkins to save money. In the end, less items going to the landfills, and it is good for the world. They take the maximum life out of each item comes to their life before putting them in the waste bin or recycle bin. For example i use my yoghurt containers to keep food in the fridge and in freezer. My storage containers for oats, coffee, nuts etc are all recycled plastic ones. 

They buy in bulk and cook from scratch. They try to use less meat and use plant based proteins more. In the end result is more money saved and less weight on the world. 
The frugal people tend to grow their own veggie garden to reduce the spending. Their gardens thrive with the use of homemade compost. Isn't it green living too?
So what you think? Aren't frugal people are living a green life?

Hope, you will share your thoughts with me
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  1. I do my laundry on the weekends (lowest rates) and hanging it out to dry saves money too. I use cloth bags for groceries saving the cost of plastic bags and also better for the environment - so yes, I agree with you:)

    1. Yes Jane, you are saving some money and saving the environment. You are doing a great job!


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