Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to save on Grocery shopping?

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Thanks for coming. Let us think about how to avoid over spending at grocery stores.

At least once a week we need to go shopping for fruits, veggies and other staples.

Since food is essential for life, we have to spend some money on it on a regular basis. If we are not careful, the spending can be out of hand. The grocery shops are designed to make us walk through the isles and spend on things.

They could place the milk, and eggs near to the fresh produce isle. But, it usually on the opposite ends. That is to make the customer walk and to see the items on display and to make them spend mindlessly.

  • So, know the layout of your regular grocery store. Don't get caught in the beautiful display of processed food.
Since you know your store, you can make the list according to your regular path within the store. My usual stores have the fresh produce near the entrance. So, my list starts with fresh items like fruits and veggies.

  • Have a list. While making list have the store layout in mind to reduce distracted shopping.
Most frugal people cook food at home. They buy more when things are on sale. Keep the items you bought appropriately to reducing wasting food.

  • Know how to store food. Can it be in the freezer? Should it be in a container but outside fridge?
Most stores like to do a price match. So, keep the flyers and have them handy while shopping.

  • Know your stores price matching policy. Have flyers handy for price matching.
Like to have snacks? Try to have healthy snacks like nuts and fruits. But, sometimes, we all need chips and candies.

  • Buy those chips in bulk and portion them using ziplock bags. Bulk is less expensive than smaller packs.
Can you cook? Cooking meals at home is always better than buying/eating out. Cooking meals at home is a good way to save money.

  • Cook food at home and pack them in re-usable container to work and school. 
Freezer is a very useful equipment. You can store many seasonal fruits and veggies in the freezer. The frozen fruits can be used to make homemade jams. You can even freeze the corn. When the fresh produce is in season, by more and freeze them.

  • Use your freezer. 
What other things you do to save money on grocery shopping? Which habit is blowing your budget?
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  1. My food budget for 2 adults each month is $280 though I can usually come in under that amount if I'm extra careful. I like to make soups and stews that last for several days.

    1. Jane I love the idea of making soups and stews that last for several days.


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