Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October Passive Income

Dear visitor,

The October has ended two days before. It is time to check out the passive income earned for that month. 

Luckily, the checking account have enough to cover the fixed expenses of November.  A huge sigh here! But, I still paid $1 fee for an extra transaction for October. Have to be careful this month. 

October was a slow month considering work. Bosses took vacations and I got time off. Many days passed without being really productive. I could say, I really was enjoying down time. 

Now let us talk about the passive income:
This month all together I made $140.56 in dividend income.  As I explained in September update, it is the combined income. Then the blog has earned 6cents too. It is still going to stay with Google.  No new money was added to the accounts. I am thinking of the expenses in December. So, going to keep in the account without investing. 
Things can change though. 

Thinking of re-investing the dividend earned though. Since my CIBC account will charge me $6.95 for each transaction, I wanted to buy more units when I do a buy.  It must be better if each ETF will have enough units so that it can buy at least one complete unit with the dividend. What was I thinking when I started, right? Better to learn from the mistakes, I guess.  I can think of some strategies to get more for my buck. 

Do you have any suggestions for me?


  1. Hi! Good job on the 6 cents! I was on blogger for a while then switched to WordPress. You're 6 cents richer than me!!

    As for the rest, I am guessing that there should be no fee to reinvest your dividends. If not, I would definitely go that route. Pretend you never earned the money and let it make more for yourself :)

    1. Thanks Miss Mazuma. My brokerage allows the DRIP only to have full shares. I wish they have the partial share option.


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