Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goodby 2016

Dear Visitor,
I started this blog in February 2016, with the goal of savings for retirement. The other goal is to pay off my mortgage. Now it is time to look back to see how good or bad the year was, right?

This year, My spouse lost his job. Luckily he got hired faster in another company. 
You know, when the main income is lost, it is a lot of trouble.  That taught us the importance of having an emergency  fund .

Since the beginning of 2016, I have amassed a total of 29K in investments. We also started an RRSP and TFSA for my spouse. 
While reading many financial blogs, I bumped in to the idea of minimalism. My family is not fully agreed to the idea of minimalism. But, I am trying to practice that. 
There are no impulse buying for me. The clothes are going to be used as much as possible. When I buy a new one, an old one must go. You know, having only enough things makes me feel more relaxed. Less things to be taken care off and more time to read or to do things I love. 

This year, most meals were cooked at home. The dryer machine used lesser than other years. I walked more than previous years. 
I discovered MMM blog, and ERE blog this year. Those were real life changers. Then the Canadian Couch Potato really helped me to learn about investments.
I am a regular reader of Life After Retirement, Frugal Queen, Living Rich On The cheap etc along with MMM and ERE. I love She Picks Up Pennies and Half Banked also. All these bloggers are helping me to have a meaningful life.
So, altogether, 2016 was great for me. 

Now, tell me how was your year? You feel happy about 2016 or you feel bad about it? Share your thoughts with me.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Friday, 30 December 2016

After the break

Dear Visitor,
I was taking a short break from blogging.
Didn't change much in the life though. Christmas came and gone. There was no much spending for Christmas this year.
It was fantastic that we cooked lamb in slow cooker. Made bread and sweet potato wedges to go with it. Then there was champaign. 
A dinner for this small family. 
It is cold, but there is not much snow. I am completely ignoring my investments this month. No, I cannot say completely ignoring, because I checked the iTrade account and saw there was $115. It was the dividend income. so i bought some FIE shares with that. 
The funny thing is when I first started buying them, the price was just a bit higher than $6/unit. Now it is over $7. Is it the Trump effect? 
Then year is coming to an end in couple of days. Time to reflect on the gone year, right? 
Hope you all had a great holidays. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

Walking to Work: Last walk in Novemeber

Dear Visitor,
Glad that you are here
It is getting colder. We Canadians use Celsius to mention temperature. So when I say below zero, it is below zero degree celsius.

When that happens, we add more layers under the jacket. sometimes, we change the jacket according to the temperature.
I was thinking of not buying new sweater this year. But, the zipper of a hooded sweater fall apart. That forced me to buy a new hoodie.  This time little more careful in choosing a better zipper. No, I am not throwing my other sweater yet. Thinking of adding a velcro to it. It can be worn at home with a faulty zipper. It can be worn open in the spring and fall... Not giving upon it yet.

Anyway, the new hoodie is comfy. So I decided to walk to work even though there was slight rain.
While my boots were warm on feet, the wind was cold on face. The walk was really satisfying. I saw a dead dove under the bridge.  Then with ear piercing siren, the fire engine passed me. The creek had more water than yesterday. Still some trees are having leaves.

If I chose to ride on the bus, I would have missed all those things. While crossing the busy road at the walk sign, a stressed out driver almost hit me. You can say that I got a bit annoyed by it. But, still luck was on my side, he didn't hit me.