Friday, 30 December 2016

After the break

Dear Visitor,
I was taking a short break from blogging.
Didn't change much in the life though. Christmas came and gone. There was no much spending for Christmas this year.
It was fantastic that we cooked lamb in slow cooker. Made bread and sweet potato wedges to go with it. Then there was champaign. 
A dinner for this small family. 
It is cold, but there is not much snow. I am completely ignoring my investments this month. No, I cannot say completely ignoring, because I checked the iTrade account and saw there was $115. It was the dividend income. so i bought some FIE shares with that. 
The funny thing is when I first started buying them, the price was just a bit higher than $6/unit. Now it is over $7. Is it the Trump effect? 
Then year is coming to an end in couple of days. Time to reflect on the gone year, right? 
Hope you all had a great holidays. 


  1. If I was younger I would buy investments that pay dividends. But now that I am retired I settle for interest and safety. Happy New Year!!


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