Monday, 19 December 2016

Walking to Work: Last walk in Novemeber

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It is getting colder. We Canadians use Celsius to mention temperature. So when I say below zero, it is below zero degree celsius.

When that happens, we add more layers under the jacket. sometimes, we change the jacket according to the temperature.
I was thinking of not buying new sweater this year. But, the zipper of a hooded sweater fall apart. That forced me to buy a new hoodie.  This time little more careful in choosing a better zipper. No, I am not throwing my other sweater yet. Thinking of adding a velcro to it. It can be worn at home with a faulty zipper. It can be worn open in the spring and fall... Not giving upon it yet.

Anyway, the new hoodie is comfy. So I decided to walk to work even though there was slight rain.
While my boots were warm on feet, the wind was cold on face. The walk was really satisfying. I saw a dead dove under the bridge.  Then with ear piercing siren, the fire engine passed me. The creek had more water than yesterday. Still some trees are having leaves.

If I chose to ride on the bus, I would have missed all those things. While crossing the busy road at the walk sign, a stressed out driver almost hit me. You can say that I got a bit annoyed by it. But, still luck was on my side, he didn't hit me.

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  1. I find drivers are not paying attention these days as everyone zips around getting ready for Christmas so I am extra careful when walking and driving! Be safe!


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