Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to save on Grocery shopping?

Dar Visitor,

Thanks for coming. Let us think about how to avoid over spending at grocery stores.

At least once a week we need to go shopping for fruits, veggies and other staples.

Since food is essential for life, we have to spend some money on it on a regular basis. If we are not careful, the spending can be out of hand. The grocery shops are designed to make us walk through the isles and spend on things.

They could place the milk, and eggs near to the fresh produce isle. But, it usually on the opposite ends. That is to make the customer walk and to see the items on display and to make them spend mindlessly.

  • So, know the layout of your regular grocery store. Don't get caught in the beautiful display of processed food.
Since you know your store, you can make the list according to your regular path within the store. My usual stores have the fresh produce near the entrance. So, my list starts with fresh items like fruits and veggies.

  • Have a list. While making list have the store layout in mind to reduce distracted shopping.
Most frugal people cook food at home. They buy more when things are on sale. Keep the items you bought appropriately to reducing wasting food.

  • Know how to store food. Can it be in the freezer? Should it be in a container but outside fridge?
Most stores like to do a price match. So, keep the flyers and have them handy while shopping.

  • Know your stores price matching policy. Have flyers handy for price matching.
Like to have snacks? Try to have healthy snacks like nuts and fruits. But, sometimes, we all need chips and candies.

  • Buy those chips in bulk and portion them using ziplock bags. Bulk is less expensive than smaller packs.
Can you cook? Cooking meals at home is always better than buying/eating out. Cooking meals at home is a good way to save money.

  • Cook food at home and pack them in re-usable container to work and school. 
Freezer is a very useful equipment. You can store many seasonal fruits and veggies in the freezer. The frozen fruits can be used to make homemade jams. You can even freeze the corn. When the fresh produce is in season, by more and freeze them.

  • Use your freezer. 
What other things you do to save money on grocery shopping? Which habit is blowing your budget?
Till next post....

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Frugal weekend

One more weekend is over. It is getting colder and fluffy snow started coming.
It is time to start adding layers of clothing. It is time to start buying gifts for Christmas too. That means a lot of spending coming on the way.
When the year is ending, we really have to think of putting money in RRSP to save on taxes.

Then there is a change coming at workplace which means I am going to have less hours to work(which also means less money). There are some worries for the upcoming new year. But i am hopeful to make it work.

With friends coming over for weekend, we were thinking of a lot of expenses on grocery. Since the weather was so cold and windy, I cooked at home and we all had a great time.

I should do that more. It is much fun to cook in the open kitchen when people are talking and we all having a good time.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dilemmas of Spending

Dear Visitor,
Glad to see you back.  
Hope, you are getting ready for the holidays. I can see the malls are getting decorated. Shops are arranging things and displaying more boxed items, which can be bought as gifts. 

The problem is not finding gifts. The prices at the shops are gone much higher this year. I used to buy the face cream from Walmart for less than $10. But now, the same bottle is over $12. So, I settled down with a body lotion of the same brand. I can use body lotion on the face too. Substitute baby.

I want the ActiFry electric fryer, oh, I really want the Roomba, I must have that Dyson vacuum cleaner... Yes, I am drooling over all those things on display and all those things on flyers. 
Then I look on the countertop,  look on my little condominium. No, I don't need all those things. Now I remember Extreme Jacob and think of my age and my retirement. 

After started the savings, I can see  little changes in how the money is handled. 
How you are doing with money? Are you reluctant to spend too? How you doing with gift purchases?
Am I the only one doing without face moisturizer?

Monday, 14 November 2016

We are waiting for us

Dear Visitor,
Glad to see you back. 
We usually go visit and read other blogs. It it is interesting we will share on social media . Sometimes, we will add a comment to the post to let them know our thoughts. 

Today, the first one I stumbled over is the post, We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For, by the popular site, Enlightenment For Schmucks. If you haven't visited, it will be interesting to have a look on it. They are telling us there is still hope and we, common people can do something to change the government. It is really worth to have a look on the suggestions they posted. 
I am really inspired by the Schmucks today. 

We the frugal people are taking care of our situations. We are doing a lot for the environment. We are working to be out of the consumerism. 

What are you waiting for? Waiting for some one, or waiting for us to take care of our world?

Which other blogger is inspiring you this week?
Till next time, 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Frugal Friday

Dear Visitor,
I bake more than one bread this week. That is a good thing because hubs was suggesting to eat out. Since my second bread is getting baked right now, he changed plans. It is good to keep money in the vallet, isn't it?  Anything more tasty than a freshly baked bread?
Then even the weather is getting colder, managed to walk to work one day. 

The heating is not turned on in the apartment yet, even though I tempted to do it...

Cooked everything at home this week and took lunch to work too. 

There was some temptation to buy new sweaters. So, did some organizing to see what do I have. Turned out, it will be enough for this winter anyway.

The clothes got line dried this week too. I found out the gentle cycle on the washing machine  is enough to keep our clothes clean. Have you ever tried that for regular clothes? I am not sure it will save energy, but it can save the life of the clothes.

Now what you guys were doing this week frugally?

Until next time....

Afterthoughts of an Election

Dear Visitor,
Glad to see you back. Think, you already know that I am Canadian. Yes, I am first generation immigrant. 
I always thought of America as a prosperous country. The America we see in the movies and news is a very rich country.
So, naturally every other nationalities wanted to live in there. So, the world was watching closely how their election going to be too.
As the results are out, Trump is the President elect, and the news is filled with people protesting about the result. 

Didn't we saw the same fear in Brexit? Many young people were confessing after the Brexit vote that they didn't went to  vote. Same goes in the American election too. Many young adults were too busy to use their vote. Now, the results are out. So many people are angry: They do run protests, ruin public property, getting arrested... I feel sad for them. 
In this free country, doesn't the President Elect deserve a chance? Even tough he is not a career politician, and he said "you are fired" many times, being a fellow citizen, doesn't he has the same rights like the rest of you? The people who voted for him also deserve to be treated nicely, don't you think? May be your neighbour, your next of kin might have voted for Trump. Otherwise how he won?

What do you think? Are you scared right in this moment that your life is going to change?

Until next time...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Frugal living is Green living

Dear visitor,
I love to save my money, and you know that. 
Does the word frugal makes you cringe?

I can see many people around are just not interested in being frugal. I can see the attitude of "it is not going to make much difference" attitude everywhere. I might say like" I finish the cooking before 7 am to take advantage of the off peak hydro rates". Then the listener will say "That won't make much difference. You cannot save a big amount of money by doing so". But they all agree that I am saving the energy by using energy efficient equipments and it is good for the environment. Yes, I am saving my money and I am GREEN too.

Think of it: It will add up, right? If you don't save it will not make any difference in your life anyway. So why not save at least a little whenever you can?

Now, being green is hip. We frugal people are doing that by not really giving it a thought. The frugal people take lunch in reusable containers. By doing so they are saving money and not putting a lot in the trash and there by saving the environment. 
Most frugal people like Mr. MMM are biking and walking instead of driving. That is a lot help to the environment. Isn't it green living too? (Most frugal people don't spend more money to buy a hybrid car, they may have cars that are not gas guzzlers)

Many frugal people like me are using the green cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda. We make our own soaps and there by reducing the many packages sent to landfills. That is green living, right? 
Frugal people try to avoid using paper towels and disposable cleaning products. They try to have reusable wipes and napkins to save money. In the end, less items going to the landfills, and it is good for the world. They take the maximum life out of each item comes to their life before putting them in the waste bin or recycle bin. For example i use my yoghurt containers to keep food in the fridge and in freezer. My storage containers for oats, coffee, nuts etc are all recycled plastic ones. 

They buy in bulk and cook from scratch. They try to use less meat and use plant based proteins more. In the end result is more money saved and less weight on the world. 
The frugal people tend to grow their own veggie garden to reduce the spending. Their gardens thrive with the use of homemade compost. Isn't it green living too?
So what you think? Aren't frugal people are living a green life?

Hope, you will share your thoughts with me
Until next time,

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

October Passive Income

Dear visitor,

The October has ended two days before. It is time to check out the passive income earned for that month. 

Luckily, the checking account have enough to cover the fixed expenses of November.  A huge sigh here! But, I still paid $1 fee for an extra transaction for October. Have to be careful this month. 

October was a slow month considering work. Bosses took vacations and I got time off. Many days passed without being really productive. I could say, I really was enjoying down time. 

Now let us talk about the passive income:
This month all together I made $140.56 in dividend income.  As I explained in September update, it is the combined income. Then the blog has earned 6cents too. It is still going to stay with Google.  No new money was added to the accounts. I am thinking of the expenses in December. So, going to keep in the account without investing. 
Things can change though. 

Thinking of re-investing the dividend earned though. Since my CIBC account will charge me $6.95 for each transaction, I wanted to buy more units when I do a buy.  It must be better if each ETF will have enough units so that it can buy at least one complete unit with the dividend. What was I thinking when I started, right? Better to learn from the mistakes, I guess.  I can think of some strategies to get more for my buck. 

Do you have any suggestions for me?