Friday, 29 December 2017

Passive income of 2017

Hi All,
Are you ready to say good by to 2017?

It was an year of changes for me: at least the last quarter. I worked a lot, got raises, and changed jobs. Yes, of course, invested more too.
This is the year I joined the Lending Loop. I did add $400 there. That is really fun. I know which companies receive my loans. But, how much is getting as interest, and how much is coming as principal repayment? I am not able to figure that out yet. I have to wait for the year end report for that and I don't like that. So, I have to find a way to figure that out on a monthly basis. Till that, I decided not to add more money to Lending Loop

My other passive income is from dividend investment. I know how much I invested and how much earned. 
December dividends totalled to $147.46. It is a bit lower than the November income. 
My inner desire was to have an annual dividend of $3000. The actual for 2017 is $2666.42. It is almost a month's income and i don't have to work for that!!!!

Now, I can pat myself on the back!
some of my stocks went down during the year. But, hey, the dividends are still coming.
How the 2017 for you? 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Ready for New Year

Hi All,The holidays are coming to an end and 2018 is peeking from the corner. 
Ontario welcomes the minimum wage hike with mixed feelings. Along with the wage hike, will liberals bring a tax hime too? What about people already earning $14/hour? Will they see an increase or they will continue to earn the same? 
What if you are making $15/hour? Will your wage go up? 
Most people told me, the people currently earning $14 and above may not see an increase in their earnings. 
Everyone agreed on one thing: we are going to see increased prices at the grocery store. 

I believe that the increase in minimum wage is not going to do any favour for those working poor. They can be benefitted only if the prices of essentials stay the same as before. 
Some people are worried about employers cutting their hours. May be the liberals can win the next election too. But, will it do any good for the people? I am pretty sure that the person with the "hungry" board at the 401 exit on Markham road will continue to be there. 

What your thoughts about minimum wage increase? 

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Right before Christmas

Hi All,
It is time for Christmas. The year is almost over. 
Usually, I will have to give some gifts for co-workers and family members. This year, I am still new at my work place. So decided not to buy any gift for anybody. Still, I got a few gifts. You  know that when you receive a gift, there is naturally a tendency to give something back. I resisted and told the giver, I didn't buy anything for anybody. That takes a lot of stress from me. Who want to be at the mall in December any way? (There is not much time left to buy online). 
Just wish, people didn't buy me anything. May be I can make a point by giving them all a copy of "Your Money or Your Life". 
Some charities will let you print a card saying you donated $$ in the name of so and so. It still is stressful to find the right charity and to donate online. 

I haven't put any money into my investment accounts in December yet. 

Loblaws is under fire for bread price fixing. I used to love the Wonder bread. When my kid started high school, I started making things other than sandwiches for lunch.It is no longer a fixed item in my weekly grocery shopping. That being said, don't you see the prices of fresh produce going higher? Even eggs are pricier than couple of months before. Are they doing price fixing on those items as well?

What your thoughts on Christmas, gift giving and the price fixing?

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Catching up with blog

Hi all,
Guess you noticed my absence from blogging world.  The new work needs longer commute. I have to plan my days ahead of time. I am still working in dental field.
Toronto is good with buses and subway. So, I don’t have to drive. We are blessed with a great library with tons of ebooks. So, commuting is not a big problem. By the way, right now I am reading "The Confidence Code”.

There are lot of changes in dental offices. You might have noticed some changes. The instruments are coming in packages from the sterilizer. Hand sanitizers are placed at the front office as well as the treatment rooms. Your dentist is not walking around with a mask hanging below the chin. If you don’t see the dentist doing hand hygiene before putting a glove, tell them to do hand hygiene. It is to protect the patient as well as the provider.

I just finished the online courses on infection control and WHMIS.  The time invested in learning is always an investment on self, right?

Now Christmas is just one week away.  There are predictions that market is going to go up soon.

The new subway extension of Line 1 is another good news. Hopefully we will get new subway to connect Don mills and Scarborough Town Center. (May be I am overly optimistic).

Hope you are all ready for the holidays.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Novemebr 2017 passive Income

November is over. Can you believe, in less than a month, we are going to bid farewell to 2017!!!
A lot happened in the last couple of months in my work life. I made  some challenging moves to enhance my career. As a result, I changed my employers. The move was financially rewarding.  Then, there is always a learning curve to be tackled with new work places.  Changes are challenging and opportunities too. 

That being said, I am spending more time out of my home during the week. I need to find time for writing blog posts. 
Any way, it is time to look on my passive income:
The total dividend income for November is $235.46. It is a little down than that of October.

The coming year, I am planning to add some American stocks to my RRSP. There is no point in adding them to TFSA because the tax is taken from your dividend income. 

I added some more shares of Shaw communications this month. There was no other buying last month.

Even though, I planned for not spending a lot for Christmas and holidays, the party month requires party dresses. There will not be much gifts to be given. Still, I can see my spending is going up for this month. 

I started reading the Dividend Girl. From there I landed on another blog by Susan Brunner. Both are worth to read regularly. they both publish a lot more posts than I do and both are knowledgeable people. I encourage my readers to follow those blogs. Hope, you are all started preparing for the holidays.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The not so faulty lock

Hi All,
Last week, Thursday night to be exact, we had a problem with our door. Hubs was home in the evening. I was still at work. He couldn't open the front door as usual. It acted as if the key is not working. After couple of attempts he got it opened. Then it felt fine and he locked from inside. 
Then, later that evening, I called him to pick me up from the subway. Then he cannot open the door. There was something stuck inside the lock. He used knives and other stuff to pull the road in the middle of the lock. Then he realized, the central part of the lock, which goes in or out to lock and open, is really loose. It looked like a metal road. To make it stick inside he put some scotch tape. Worked fine. He was able to lock it, then we were able to get in too. But, it is the outside door of the condo. I was a bit worried about safety. 
So, I went and talked to the concierge about the door on Friday. The man on duty gave me locksmith's number and told me they are the ones having the master key. Condo residents can change the lock with only that company. Humm...
The locksmith company told me someone will come on Saturday. But, no one came and was not taking the phone on Saturday. So, I called back on Monday . I got an appointment for Thursday morning, 9 am. The man came today by 9.15 am. Any way, he told us we don't need to change the lock. The loosened bar in question was only there for  the aesthetics...The company designed the lock was actually saving money by not making the central road full metal. 
 See that arrow on the picture, Do you understand now? The lock can function without that. Good for me, right?
Not so good it turned out. The bill was $130 and HST was $16.90. So the total damage for not knowing the secret of the lock is $$146.90. After the locksmith left, I couldn't see the bar . I think, he might have put it in his pocket. Otherwise, I could have show you a picture too.

I am publishing this story so that some one may be able to save some money. 
Did this kind of things happen to you?

Friday, 10 November 2017

Impulse Purchase

Hi All,
The above picture is of a nail buffer.
Of all the people, I bought it on impulse yesterday evening!
After work, I was supposed to meet with hubs at the mall. We needed to buy things from Walmart. While, I was walking towards wally's the ladies from Oro Gold stopped me by giving out some sort of free creams.
I had the experience of not getting free samples from them before. My looks may not be that of their possible customers. They usually ignore me or look away when I was looking to see what they are giving out. So, when they were offering the free bag, i was really surprised. One of them asked to see my hands and I guess, she really got surprised at the look of my nails. In my entire life time, I got manicure two times.
She just asked me do I always go "natural with nails". Of course, I do. Dental assistants are not supposed to have nail polish on them.

So, she showed me how to use their buffer to shine my nails. It looks amazing and I thought, it was really cool. They said the thing costs $10. At that time time, I was ready to try it myself and was willing to shell out 10 bucks. Now, the buffer is mine !

It makes my nail feel smoother. A little bit shiny too.

May be a frugal mistake.... It was an impulse purchase.
Some purchases are meant to make us feel awkward , right?
What was your last impulse purchase? How did that make you feel?

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

XMD: S&P/TSX completion ETF

Hi All,

XMD is an ETF trades on TSX. It tracks the S&P /TSX completion index of Canadian small cap and mid cap companies. The MER is 0.61%. 
If you wanted to invest in all of the Canadian mid cap and small companies this is a good ETF to have. 
XMD holds  187 companies. financial sector is the dominant sector, but it doesn't hold any major banks. Other major sectors are energy, real estate and materials. 

I am trying to add more of the XMD to my portfolio presently. We have a small sum of money with Scotia iTrade. Hubs had the strategy of buying and selling and then conveniently forgets about the selling part most of the time. 

I insisted on holding for long time and investing on ETFs. We found that iTrade has some commission free ETFs. That is when we started buying XMD with some of the dividends we received. 

XMD also gives a quarterly distribution. the last distribution was of $0.13/unit , in September 2017. 

Are you interested in ETF investing? 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Price of eggs going up?

Hi All,
I went to grocery shopping today.
You may think, it is just a usual thing for working class people to do grocery shopping on Saturday.
It is unusual in my case. I work on Saturdays. Then it is hubs who do the grocery shopping. 
So, when I said, I went for grocery shopping, it is something unusual. 
We bought some fruits, veggies and chicken. I reminded him we need eggs too. For a dozen eggs, it used to be $1.99, right?
Not today. It is $2.49!!

We decided to check other stores in the coming days and not to buy them today. There are more eggs left over in the fridge. We can survive.

Why all of a sudden the eggs are more pricey? I don't have a clue. 
Do you see the prices of necessary food items are going high? 

Recently I read that Canadian  competition bureau investigating about price fixing. They are checking on the bread prices. What about other things like milk, yoghurt and eggs? 

We are not buying bread every week. It is much of a lifestyle change, not a response to the price increase. 

But, the increased price of eggs make me concerned. 

Since the price of beef is very high, we tend to reduce buying it. We are buying more veggies and legumes now a days. Last week zucchini was priced $1.29 per pound and this week it is only $1 per pound. 

Do you check the price of everyday food items or just buy what you need?

Egg is supposed to be low cost and healthy food. Easy to make too. What you think the reason for recent price hike? 

Friday, 3 November 2017

Passive Income of October

Hi all,
Hope, October was good for all of you. We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Celebrated with Pumpkin pie from Costco. I have to tell you, the Costco pie was really big and the price is amazing! 
It is November already , and I am still drooling over pumpkin pie! But, I checked my passive income yesterday. It looks good. With our RRSPs and TFSAs we made a passive income of $370.80. That is the highest dividend income I received so far. 
that being said I added another $ 1100 to the TFSA in October. Haven't yet purchased anything though. 
From LendingLoop, I received interest of $2.78. Not bad for a $200 investment. I added another $200 to LL in October. That money is not given out yet. 
So the total passive income for October is$373.58. 
This year, we made just a little over $2000 in dividends alone.  That is one big goal achievement. 
How was your October? What you do to save more? 

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Peer To Peer lending for Canadians: Lending Loop

Hi All, 
I am always looking for ideas to invest money. I saw there are peer to peer lending opportunities in United States. But, there is nothing for Canadians.Just recently, I found an online lending platform, just for Canadians: The Lending Loop

Lending Loop is an online platform, lending money to small businesses. It is a secure site. The investors can start with $200 initial investment. 

Since I am interested in only the investing part of the Lending Loop, I didn't dig much into the criteria for the businesses to apply for the loan. 

The $200 to start is really interesting part to me. You can transfer money from your bank by filling out the form and giving your banking information. The site is really easy to navigate. Once your account is verified, you can transfer money. 

Next step is finding the lender. You can go the market place and go through the information. If you have questions for the lender, you can ask and the lender will give you answers. Once you figure out whom you want to lend, it is very easy to lend. Then the website will generate a "note" for you. The minimum amount you can give to one company is $25. The lending amount has to be multiples of 25. I started by giving $25 for different companies. 

The interest is paid with an annual interest rate and I get interest every month. There is a fee for investors, but that is collected when we get paid. 

The website has features to add monthly investments, and auto lending. I haven't started using them yet. My research shows that lending loop has done all the necessary regulation process for the federal and provincial governments. So I don't worry much about company swallowing my hard earned money.  

You have now the option to refer and earn. When your referred some one and they lend $1500 , you can get $25. Sounds good, right?  

Oh, one more thing, they will issue a T5 so that you can file your taxes. Interest earned is taxable income in Canada. Right now, I can't find an option to hold it in your RRSP or TFSA. 

So, what you think of Lending Loop? Already started using it or going to give a little thought?

As a side note, I am not getting paid for this post.  I am not a professional to give advise on investing. Make sure you do your own research. 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

What happens when you start thinking about money

Hi All,
I started this blog in 2016. Before that, hubs and I were working and just paying bills. We were putting little bit of money for the future. That part was all done by professionals. We just listened to an "expert" and started a putting money in to some sort of mutual funds. We were not paying any attention to the fees or growth of investments. The bills were getting paid and food was on the table. We were not accumulating any debts though. 

Then my hubs company started downsizing. and he lost job. Our family became a real lower income one for three months.(I was working only part-time then) It was the real eye opener for us. I started working out more. But money was still tight. We needed to make big changes.

While searching for frugal ideas, I came across Mustachian Principles. Discovered the all idea of FIRE, DIY investments etc. So, last year, I started taking care of our investments. 

When hubs got a new job, we didn't changed the life style. Every month, I put money in to our RRSPs and TFSAs.

 At first, I was thinking of stock investment as "buy low and sell high" only. I didn't know anything about passive income and side hustling at all. Thanks to all the FIRE bloggers out there: I learned all those things in a short time. I started investing on ETFs as the Canadian Couch Potato mentioned. 

But, my investments are with one of the big banks. So, each stock purchase costs money. Some financial bloggers were talking about DRIPing. The bank helped with the dividend re-investing program. 

Later I started more in to dividend investing: Thanks to My Own Advisor. He shared a blog post with his idea of making his own ETF by choosing stocks by himself. 

With all this knowledge, I began to see my job through new glasses. It is no longer the work I have to do, but it is a source of income! That also means I started looking at my job as my business. The employer is my client. As a result, I got pay rises. So, I got more confident in myself. With that, I demanded better treatment and better pay from my work places. My hourly wages has gone up over $6 comparing to 2015. As a result, I have more money to save and invest comparing to last year. 

Since the income went up, I asked my mortgage company to increase my mortgage payments. That way, the debt will be paid off faster. 

When I started thinking about money, my cash flow went up. Life became more enjoyable and richer. 

What happened to you when you started thinking about money? Please share in the comments.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

This weeks efforts for financial independence

Hi All,
Last weekend was thanksgiving weekend for Canada. That also means, this week is short work week. 

Long weekends are always more expensive. Last one was not an exception. Even though we didn't buy turkey, we spent money on food and alcohol. But, there was no take out except the pumpkin pie.  we bought this big pie from Costco for $5.99. It was delicious! 

I worked few extra hours and that is going to bring few bucks in. Yes, the regular frugal things, like hanging the laundry and packing lunch from home etc are continuing. 

Since we had company over the weekend, we made a lot of food. So, still there is lot of left over in the fridge.

I am still looking for other passive investment ideas. Some American blogs are talking about peer to peer lending. Not many in Canada though. Another one is solar bond. I don't understand why they charge $40 membership fee. The website says the bonds can be held in TFSA or RRSP. 
What do you guys think about the solar bond? Will you invest in such co-op opportunities? 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

September 2017 Passive Income

Hi All,
October has begun. Canadian Thanksgiving is around the corner. 
I want to take a look how my passive income was doing.
I bought more shares of BCE last month. I also added some healthcare shares to my portfolio in September. 

Now let us see how much I earned in dividends. With 2 RRSPs and TFSAs and one non registered account, our total dividend income was $211.53. 
It is still less than that of August 2017, but more than that of September 2016 ($130).

I am hoping to receive more dividend income in next year though.

How was your dividend income/ passive income for September?

Courses to be a Millionaire

Hi all,
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? Having enough money to pay for all the bills. Then there are assets that continue to generate income, while you are doing the things you really love?

Think that you just given a correct formula for success, and you are following it. That will be really nice. 
While we were just starting out school, our parents told us to study really well, work hard to earn good marks and go to college to find a job to make money. We just followed that advice only to discover that is not the way to riches.

Now, think of a college course which is going to teach you to be a millionaire!
I just wish, if there is something like that... 

In reality, many college dropouts are changing the world. The ones with academic excellence are working for the college dropouts.

We know Microsoft, Apple, Facebook etc. All those started with the vision of their founders. They acted upon their vision. Ordinary people were chasing the dreams while those successful people were working out on their ideas. 

Recently I found a book at the library: "The education of the Millionaires" by Michael Ellsberg. I was intrigued by the title. In this book he tells that colleges are not teaching us to be rich. They teach us to be law obeying workers. 
I was thinking, but, we need doctors, engineers nurses and teachers. The education system creates all of those professionals. But, they are not creating successful entrepreneurs, according to the author. 

Can it be true? 

I found that Canadian universities are giving a lot of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. While Peter Thiel of PayPal gives $100,000 for students to get out of school and to start business, Michael Baum gives same amount for students to stay in school and  start business. 

Michael Ellsberg's book is very interesting to read. He did interview a lot of successful college dropouts for this book. Ellsberg shows how building your own brand and mastering the art of bootstrapping helped many people to be millionaires. 

I think, a university degree in the right filed can still help you to find a niche for you. Not every college dropout can become a great entrepreneur. Not every university graduate will be poor either. 

What is your thoughts? How you made your fortune in this world? What kind of advice you will give to 18 year olds who just finished high school?

Friday, 29 September 2017

Adding more BCE stocks.

Hi all,
I mentioned in the previous post about buying BCE shares.  I got them for $57.83/share. That might bring a little more increase in my passive income by next year. 

BCE is the largest telecommunication company in Canada. According to Wikipedia it is owner of several toronto based sports franchises. That is good too. 

The dividend yield is 4.9% according to Google finances. That is really nice. BCE has increased dividends for several consecutive years. They increased dividends in 2017 as well. Now the dividend will be about 72 cents /share and will be given 4 times an year. that means, annual dividend of $3.68/share. Since I bought the new shares only in September, it may not give any particular increase in this year. But, I am expecting about $100 increase in my passive income with this purchase.

 I might need more shares to do the DRIP though. with every investment, I can see myself getting closer to financial independence. 

Are you interested in becoming financially free? If so, what are you doing to achieve your goal?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

This weeks efforts to be Financially Free

Hi all,
Even though last week I mentioned about not eating out, end up in doing one take out dinner. But, I can forgive myself because it was to celebrate a successful event in life.

We got a lot of free veggies this week. We got a big big bag of tomatoes from Walmart for $1. 
Then I got the free tomatoes along with grapes and peppers. 

We finished the grapes without much trouble. Thanks to my friends backyard gardening. The hot peppers are in the freezer. I froze some tomatoes too. 

I always wanted to try making pasta sauce. found this tomato sauce recipe from It is just a basic one. I added one grated zucchini and carrot also in the sauce. I was able to buy canned pasta sauce for $0.99 before. Now it costs $1.29. This batch is about two and three cans of sauce. 

To increase the dividend income, I bought few more shares of BCE
this week. That sure will be good help to achieve financial freedom and to increase the passive income. 

There are two more days to finish the work week. So, how you guys are doing by midweek? 

Potatoes are going to be on sale in the fall, right? How to preserve them? Can we freeze the mashed potatoes?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

dividend investing blogs

Hi All,
I got a few free hours to surf the net this week. It is very interesting to read comments on the other financial blogs. It is a good opportunity to discover other blogs out there as well.

One click leads to another. There are lot more interesting blogs to read.  Some of the interesting ones I found are listed below.

Hope, you will love them as well. Do you follow any of them through email?

Thursday, 21 September 2017

This weeks efforts for Financial independence

Hi all,

Like many bloggers out there, I also have this dream of becoming financially independent one day. But I got this idea and started actively working on it only last year.

I am not very keen on budgeting every penny going out.
My goal is to save $2000 per month. I am almost there now.

Last year itself, we started DIY investing with our RRSP and TFSA. They are not yet maximized.

I am going to look my activities week by week.

I baked a loaf of bread with my bread maker. I bought the flour from Bulk barn.

Then we bought two big bags of beetroots and one big bag of carrots. The beetroots are already in the freezer. The carrots has to be prepped and cubed before freezing.

we are  planning to have home cooked meals for this all week. I am going to make some home made yoghurt as well.

I am on the look out for a new job, which can pay little more. I was thinking having more than one employer is good for the cash flow. But, it cost me more on travelling. Each time i have to pay the bus fair to reach different offices. So, I will look for full time job in one place.

I started reading  book "The Education of Millionaires" by Michael Ellsberg. The book is about sales and direct marketing. I am not finished it yet. But, there are some strategies you can apply while writing your cover letter.

For inspiration I visited MMM blog. I followed the links from the comments and visited some other similar blogs too.

What are you doing this week to save money? What kind of investments you are interested in?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My first Healthcare investment

Hi all,
we are all getting old day by day. One time we may have to be in the long term care. That is scary, to think about. But truth is not always pretty and comforting. Same as future. We can prepare for it, but when it comes we have to face it.
Ok, just put aside the blues. I was looking on Motley Fool website one time and found there is a company called Extendicare, providing long term care services. Further research shows that they provide retirement living, long term care, and help to live in your own home with assistance. 
As a dividend investor, I found that the company gives dividends too. It is a Canadian company and longterm care business is not going to be affected by economy. It gives a dividend yield of 5% and the dividends are paid monthly. 
So, that is what I added in my portfolio this month: Extendicare, EXE, @tsx. That will give a dividend of 0.04cents per share every month. Let us see if I will get enough dividends to DRIP. so, hopefully I am getting a bit more closer to financial independence. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Lessons School forgot to teach us

The Lessons School Forgot: How to Hack Your Way Through the Technology Revolution is a book by Steve Sammartino.

I finished the book in one week. At the beginning he says about how he worked in a factory and how the factory made the workers to keep working to have high productivity. It is funny and entertaining to read.
Sammartino argues that we are all entrepreneurs even though we are really employees working for some one or some company. Just a shift in mindset can make a huge difference in our attitude. With that shift in attitude, we can think of our boss as our customer. In a business, we need more customers. So, why you have to be happy with just one boss.? More than one employer is always better, if we think about it.
We can have more side hustles/projects. It may take a long time and effort to make your own passion to generate an income. But, keep working on it, is the key to make it a success.

Schools are really preparing us to obey the rules, like get a degree, find a job, and save some money to retire.
In this book, you can find new ways of thinking to change the attitude of the boring ways of life.
I really loved reading this book.  As a result of it, I am going to start making a list of book s I am reading. According to Sammartino, most book s can be finished in seven or eight hours. At least one book a month is possible for me.
If you are interested in reading the blog of this Australian futurist and technologist, his blog is here.

Now is your turn: share with me what are you reading now. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

August 2017 Passive income

Wow! September it is! Schools are open.
There are no more lazy summer days. 
It is time to look back on August. 

I didn't catch the down moments on the stock market. Life was kind of busy, with some summer activities. I had a balcony garden for the first time. I found out that I cannot be bothered with watering the plants some days. I was drooling over eggplants when we bought the little plants. But, they proved to be not good and bugs were all over them. The peppers are a good option. They didn't get that many bugs. The crop was also fine. I have a big bag of them in the freezer. Got one hot pepper plant inside now. I hope, it will last for at least one more month inside.

Talking about passive income, it is a bit less than that of July: yet I received $223.82. It is still much bigger than last August's passive incomeThis year, till now, I got 1701.26 in passive income. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why do we save money?

August is near to finishing line.  Last week was interesting. There was solar eclipse. Luckily, I got the chance to be outside. With a homemade pinhole camera and folded film strips, I got a great view. Using the old film negatives and a regular sun glass, I was able to view the solar eclipse.

As a side note, the air is getting cooler. Once again, long sleeves and sweaters are out.  A trip to the beech was  awesome .  The plac e was not crowded as usual. To make it a lazy day, we did a take out lunch. That very relaxing weekend didn't cost much.
I read some online articles. Mark Cuban was saying savings will not make you rich. I think, saving money is the beginning to attain financial independence.  To accumulate unlimited amount of money, one needs to invest money aggressively.  Once you have that halo of "money richness", you will be saved from your mistakes. We must remember how the big companies were bailed out by governments in the past. The CEOs who made the big mistakes were rewarded with big bonuses.

Since there is no one to bail us out, ordinary people have to save money for a rainy day. Then with lower risk investments we can grow that a bit .

With no employer pension to count on, people like me has to save money, not to be rich, but to survive the golden years.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Vermillion It is

I can't believe August is almost half way through.
I am frantically working to make each of our DIY RRSP accounts to have $25,000 each. I made that happen this week by adding more money . 
Now, RRSP 1 has some money to be invested. So, I bought Vermillion energy, VET on TSX. 
It will give a monthly dividend of $ 0.21 per share each month. With 56 shares,I can earn $11 per month. With the ex dividend date on July 28, I am not going to get any dividend this month though. 
But, from September onwards, I will start receiving more dividends. 
I was checking the dividend history. From 2004 onwards, the company was giving dividends. Actually they are giving out the same dividend from 2014 onwards. That is not a bad news. 
From the company website, I can see that it is a global company and is getting traded in NYSE also. 
With the limited number of shares, I will not be able to DRIP any of those dividends. 
Now, with $25,000 in the RRSP account, I will not be paying annual fee to the brokerage. That is a big savings of $100 per year.
Glad to reach that milestone before September this year. 
How you feel when you really achieved one goal ? How will you celebrate it? 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I bought a Dyson!

Dear Reader,
I am a frugal person. My family reduced the use of paper towels. My Swiffer sweeper is armed with reusable cloths. 
Then, the title of this blog post is true too. I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner for myself!!!!
At first I was reluctant to spend that much money on a vacuum cleaner. That is why we bought the Kenmore one five years before. It was doing a good job. But the problem is I have to drag myself to make it work. The cord has to be re-plugged two three times to finish cleaning  my two bedroom condo. It has a disposable bag. so, we need to buy the bags. It was not easy to just get it and do the job. As a result, I procrastinate the cleaning very often. I needed a vacuum cleaner easy to take out and it should do the job without having to adjust the plug. 
The answer came as an advertisement of Dyson!

The light weight vacuum cleaner is hanging on the wall for easy access. I have my carpet and hard floor vacuum heads are on the wall now. Only problem is I can't find a way to put the head that can be used on the couch on the wall. 

My Dyson has no bags. Cleaning the canister is very easy. Just hold it on top of the garbage bin and open it, the dirt is gone! Hubs agreed to do detailed cleaning of the vacuum cleaner once a month.
I can see myself vacuuming the floors more often. As a result, the home is more cleaner now. 

Usually after spending money on something, I will feel the remorse. With this purchase, I am happy. Each time I reach out the Dyson, I congratulate myself on buying it. 

Have you ever bought something that makes you feel happy forever? 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

PassiveIncome of July2017

Dear reader,
July was great . summer is always fun. There were fireworks. There was great fun walking the trails. 

Then I added a $1000 to the RRSP. 
Now, it is time to check the dividends. 
Together we made total of $250.88 in dividends. 

I bought 64 shares of Pizza Pizza Royalty corp. The dividends not started yet. Hope to start receiving them in August though.
The big achievement is this: I got enough dividend to do DRIP on TD. So, an extra share with no trading cost. 

I also started another blog, where I can talk about dentistry. Guess, you already know that I work as an assistant to dentists and it is my main source of income. 
I am searching for another passive income ideas. Recently found Lending Loop, which is a Canadian peer to peer lending platform.
Do you have any other passive income ideas? 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Pizza for passive income

Who doesn't love pizza?
Here I am talking about Pizza Pizza royalty corp., which is PZA at TSE.
It is Canadian franchised fast food restaurant.

The interesting thing is it pays monthly dividend. If you are thinking of making passive monthly income, it is a good option to try. According to Google, the dividend yield is 5.02%. It seems good.
It has over 750 locations all over Canada. Most of the Pizza Pizza restaurants are in Ontario..

But, do the same store sales are increasing? I am not sure how to find that out. But, Motley Fool Canada article dated in March 2017 mentions the same store sale of Pizza Pizza has gone up.
With just 64 shares, and an expected dividend of $0.06 per share per month, I hope to increase my dividends from next month onwards.
I am expecting an increase of $46 in my annual dividends with this one stock. That can free about 3 hours of my time!
Wouldn't it be cool to get passive income from Pizza?

Monday, 10 July 2017

Frugal Weekend

The weekend was really bright in Toronto.
As usual, Saturday was just for the errands. Sunday was really for relaxing. Sunday morning started with an extra long walk. It was a cloudy day. That made the walk even more interesting.

I saw berries on plants:
There was a rabbit going to sneak in to a backyard garden:
Can you see the rabbit in the picture? 

I am not sure, why I saw 3-4 abandoned Walmart shopping carts on the road sides. May be it is just a Scarborough thing: People should leave the cart at the shop, right? Now, the carts are making a mess on the street. 
This one is almost 1km away from the Walmart. It can roll on the road and create an accident to oncoming traffic.

At first, I had the cravings to eat out. Then changed mind and made food at home. To go out, thee was "Taste of Lawrence".  Instead, I had a salad with whole wheat crusty bread. Afternoon was just cuddling with a book. I am happy that I didn't spent unnecessarily and ate healthy. 
All the prep work for the coming work week is done. Happy and relaxed for the next week!
How was your weekend? Was it frugal or expensive? Either way, I hope, you had fun.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Passive Income of June 2017

Dear Visitor,
Thanks for dropping by. 
Canada day long weekend is over. Since the dentists are taking off to relax, my work hours are reduced too. More time to read and work on the blog, right? 
First of all, I need to calculate my total dividend income of June 2017. 
June is a good month for dividends. I made a total of $259.01.  I never totalled the portfolio value. This time of the year, I found that I my holdings have a total market value of $84,000. It can go up if I can transfer the IG account to the the DIY account.(Of course,I will be adding more to my investments, little by little).  We are still working on it. 

I also started learning to work with Google docs. It is going to be more fun. Then the public library is offering few online courses. I am going to look on that too. 
So how you spend a few hours of unexpected free time?

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Canada Day, the Rubber duck etc.

Dear visitor,
thanks for dropping by.
It was supposed to be a 3 day weekend. But, I was doing my paid work on Monday.(not complaining though)
That didn't mean I was not having fun.  
Yes, we went to see the world's largest rubber Duck . Then stayed late to see the fireworks too. 
I was thinking of packing some food to eat.(I am frugal, right?)
But, my family was suggesting to have fun by eating from the food stalls there. 
The subway was crowded. It was packed with people. The rain didn't dampened the spirit. We walked from Union station to the Harbour. The food stalls there was very crowded. People were standing in lines to place their order. We ended up walking on the street and bought food from stall in the grocery shop. It was a sandwich on Pita bread. They had only large ones. The small ones were all sold out. Then there was no place to sit and eat. We just stood in a corner and ate. 
 Every one was happy and having a great time.Even the washrooms were having long waiting list.  First time I saw people ignoring the traffic lights and walking through the streets. Some divers got annoyed and horned. The polite Canadians didn't show any road rage. They just smiled, waved and passed. 
People have different opinions about the duck though. some thought it was a waste of money, some thought it was attractive. 
I heard a lot of languages being spoken. Saw all sorts of people. If it was in a South East Asian country, the girls in our group would have been groped by men of all ages. The women here are  carefree and less worried about being in a crowd.  
I got a few pictures of the fireworks @CN Tower.

While going back, the subway was much more crowded. We had TTC Day pass with us. I was thinking many people won't bother to put the tokens: but, I was wrong. Canadians did take the time to pay the fair to get in the subway. Oh, lord! the train was so crowded. Every one was trying to squeeze in to help the next one to get in the train. The love and kindness people show to one another is amazing. 
Yes, I am really proud to be a Canadian. I am sure you can understand and relate to it. How was your weekend?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Great to know

Dear visitor,
Thanks for dropping by.
If you are a regular reader, then you know that my day job is dental assisting. In my job, I work very close to the boss, dentist. You can say we are working to nose to nose. 
We work like a co-ordinated manner. The instruments and materials pass from assistant to dentist without a word. My suction tip will go into patient's mouth without the patient even realizing it. When a crown is being cemented, my finger will be pressing it down for the dentist to do flossing. I take great pride in not making the dentist to mention what is to be done.
No dentist ever told me I am doing a good work for them ever. It is also the magic of the dental assisting. It may be the backgrounds of the dentists I work with, or it may be just another crazy habit of the dentists... I don't know. 
So, think of it, you really received a complement from your boss: "You are doing a good job" 
Yes, it happened! 
You can imagine how it feels to me: Yes, I am over the moon!
A word of appreciation can really make us feel great. It really is a catalyst to provide better service.

Have you ever experience such uplifting experiences?

Monday, 19 June 2017

Sunday Fun

Dear Visitor,
Thanks for dropping by.
The weekend was another frugal one. The weather is getting nicer. It is time to go out and be in the sun.
The gardening attempt is going on. So far two eggplants are growing out. The potato i put in the soil for fun is having a lot of leaves. Now I think, the container should have been a bit more big.
Since this is a learning process, i am not going to change the container now.
Watering plants in the balcony has to be done carefully. The water flowing out should be carefully managed. If I am not careful, the people living below will be bothered.

Sunday was father's day. Hubs got a gift. Not a very expensive one, yet it is nice and useful. It is a bag, which he really wanted.

When we are going for day trips, I make sure to carry some water. Then, most of the time, the food will also be prepared from home.

That is going to reduce the extra spending and the calorie intake.
On the investment side, I bought few shares of the CIBC last week. I just want to hold them, because we do a lot of banking with them.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Is there a Science in getting rich?

Dear reader,
thanks for dropping by.

Recently I saw this book at the library: "The science of Money,How to increase your income and become wealthy" by Brian Tracy. 

This book is very interesting to read. Money started as a convenient tool to get things and services from other people. So, money has a value. 

Mr. Tracy argues that whoever gives more valuable item or service is paid more. 

Some might argue it is not true. Think of the school teachers: you can be the best teacher, or a mediocre one. But, you both will get paid according to the seniority. 

 But, in most of the private sector jobs, the performance is rewarded. I can see it myself. In most of my career, I was not given a performance report. But, still I feel whenever I got an increase in payments, it was based on my hard work. An assistant who can really be one step ahead of the dentist is always appreciated. But, you will see that the receptionists are paid more than the assistants all the time. I cannot find a reason for that yet. May be they know how much money dentists are getting for each treatment. (you know, most dentists complain about the "Healthy smile program" and ODSP patients.)

When I look around, I see people who are rich are making some sort of unethical things. For example, look at Donald Trump: he did the hate speeches. He called other people names. But, he is enjoying the money and power. 

So, do the real acceptable values of honesty and  hard work are making you really rich?

What are your thoughts about accumulating wealth and hard work?