Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Afford anything you want: Just budget the savings

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 I was reading the blog "Afford Anything". It is an interesting blog. I am subscribed to this one so when a new post comes, I get an email.

We all try to budget our spending and spend accordingly. In reality, I found that I don't like to budget and don't like to stick to budget. My hubby do most of the grocery shopping and usually forget to give me the receipts. So, I don't really know how much money is pent on groceries. 

Here, is an easy solution! Just budget how much you want to save. Then voila, you don't have to worry about the spending. 

So, to begin with you decide how much percentage of the take home money you want to save. May be it is 1%. Then save that on the first month.
Then gradually increase that amount with 1% at a time. 

Paula explains that in her blog post about Anti Budget. I think it is a neat idea. 
I usually decide to save an amount each month and put it away from the checking account. Then I do invest that money when I get a chance. If you put it on something that gives a monthly return or dividend or interest, that is again great. Invest that dividend again so that your saving amount goes up.
What do you think of this strategy? Is it some thing workable for you?

Love to know your points on this strategy of budgeting the savings. 

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  1. My budget is somewhat similar - I "pay myself first" by putting a certain amount in savings then I live on the rest. But I do have a budget in place for the rest. When I first retired it was a challenge to make my pension last til the end of the month so I had to put a budget in place.

    1. You are doing great in following the budget. Wish I have the same ability...


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