Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Any idea to motivate me?

Dear visitor,
today is a very rainy day in Toronto. The big plan is to go to work in the afternoon, even though I feel like staying home.

No, I really don't hate the work. Once I am there, it will be fun to work. The "going to work" part is the hard one. I do take public transport to work. On days like today, I really feel jealous to people who drive to work. 
Other days, I mean, when the weather is not that harsh, I am glad to help the environment and my purse by taking the bus or walking. 
Then, I have a co-worker, who walks to work everyday, whatever the weather is. I really admire her courage.
Do you have any ideas to motivate me to get up and get out on days like these?

Till next post
With Love


  1. Music works for me, that and turning on every light in the house!!

    1. Thanks Jane. Turning on lights, seems like a nice idea.

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  3. What motivates me to getout and go in the ridiculous cold of Chicago is a good podcast. I am debt free but I still love listening to Dave Ramsey. He releases 3 episodes a day so I do a LOT of waling jst to try to listen to them all! Helps me with my 105 steps a day challenge. There are a ton of other podcasts that I love-Serial Podcast Season 1 - A M A Z I N G!! Also, your library should have some form of audible books you can download to your phone and listen to. Find what works for you and then you'll look forward to that PT ride. Good luck!!

    1. Thanks Miss Mazuma. I listen to audiobooks sometimes. Will try it on a cold day to help me.


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