Thursday, 19 January 2017

Boycotting Trump

Dear Visitor,

Hope, you are doing good. 

The other day I heard, a bunch of women are going to Washington to participate in a protest against Mr. Trump. 
I am not going with them. No intention of showing off my disagreement with the American election in a public way.  
At workplace, we were talking about it. Really, we got time to talk about American politics in the private Dental practice. That itself is odd, because, usually we don't have time to talk, since I work in a busy practice.

So, actually, I mentioned that I am boycotting the inauguration ceremony on TV. Everybody laughed and agreed, that it is a great way of protest against Trump. He cares more about his ratings than anybody on earth. So, I am refusing to watch any news item that is going to show the inauguration ceremony, including the news. 

When Trump do something great for humanity I will praise him. Till then, I am flipping away from him.

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Till next post
With Love


  1. I'm staying away from TV as well. Reading a good book. I would be marching if there were any marches near me though. Have cousins marching in Denver and Portland.

    1. Thanks for visiting Cheapchick. I hope more people will be ignoring Trump and his hate for the coming years. Will that make any difference to the world? That we have to wait and see.

  2. Same as you - I'll be washing my hair, or clipping my toenails, but I will NOT be watching our narcissist President being sworn in (I am in USA). I'm already feeling physically ill about the whole thing, but praying a lot that our new President will be successful rather than further divide our country, and praying that he doesn't remain as obnoxious as he was on the campaign trail & debates. It will be hard for him, I'm sure about that - he's just got absolutely no filter between his brain & his mouth! :-/ It's gonna be a wild 4 years, that's for sure!


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