Wednesday, 11 January 2017

December Passive Income

Dear Visitor,
January is almost half way through.
I haven't checked the December passive income yet. So, just did it today. 

Me and hubby together made only $86.73 in dividends. That is not great.
Yet, that is the income we made without a lot of hard working.

 We really need to add more money to RRSPs in January. The goal is to have $25,000 in RRSPs. That way we don't have to pay $100 yearly fees to CIBC for having the DIY option. I don't think that is going to happen in January. Since there is some money in those accounts, it can happen within an year, I hope.

I have to tell you my blog made 5 cents in this new year. It is not yet $100. So it stays with Google.

How your blogs are doing? Are you making any money blogging?

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