Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Easy Meal: Plantains

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 we saw the plantain bananas at No Frills. The price always almost same. It is one thing blow $1/lb.
I used to buy the green plantain to add to soups. It is yummy.

Usually when we buy the ripe plantains, we used to eat them raw. It is really filling. Now, being cold in toronto, i wanted to have something warm and good for me to eat.

The method is easy: wash and cut the plantain in half. No need to remove the skin. Place in a microwavable vessel. Cover with plastic wrap. Then microwave on high for 10 minutes. Check if the skin is cracked. Then it is done. Allow to cool off a bit. Now, remove the skin, just eat. You can add brush some butter if you like.
It is very filling. Really easy and cheap.

What kind of easy meals you like to have in the winter?

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