Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hello January!

It is January again, with her cold dull days. The holidays are over and we are all back to work.

This year my policy is to maintain my level 2 certificate and to make more money. The more money/hour is already working for me. A little bit of increase in wages is already accomplished. The next thing is to work whenever work shows up on my way. since dental assisting job depends on the work of the employer, it is not easy to get fixed hours of work. Helping a co-worker when they wanted to take an off day is not difficult. I won't say it is easy either. What if you were planning to do an elaborate cleaning of the house on that day? That has to be adjusted, right?

I am thinking of investing a bit more money in my TFSA comparing to last year. For that I am going to think about some strategies. Should I wait for having a good amount of money to buy an investment or just buy investments whenever I have money? How the trading fees going to affect my investments? What kind of items I should invest in this year? 

Since I am one more year older, I have to think about my retirement life style. What kind of place will I be living? What type of things I should do to have a happy outlook?

See, January can bring more challenges along with the cold. What are the challenges you are facing in this January? 


  1. My challenge is NOT knowing how much my pension will increase until the end of January but my bills have gone up already. Keeping my fingers crossed that my new pension amount with cost-of-living increase added will cover the increases of my bills!

    1. Not knowing how much the pension going to be is a real challenge. All the expenses are going up and on top of it we have the carbon tax too. Hope, you will get sufficient increase in pension.


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