Monday, 23 January 2017

My Frugal Weekend

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The weekend was kind of a lazy one, I would say. 
I finished doing laundry and line dried all clothes as usual. 
Better yet, I ironed all the work clothes on Sunday evening. that was a great achievement. But, still I need to colour my grey hair. Thought about letting it go. But hubby insisted on colouring it. One act of love for him...I am going to do it.

We went to Costco and there was oats on sale. The Quick oats is our breakfast staple. Bought two more boxes. 

We found out the eggs and milk at Costco is not worth the price. We can buy from No Frills and no need to buy over two dozen eggs one time. Their plane yoghurt is great though. 

We managed to cook some items too. Made a pot of rice. a beef stew in the slow cooker. Made some potatoes too. We also bought a Costco rotisserie chicken. 
I bought a pants for myself from Costco. It is a relaxed fit one for less than $20. I am not going to buy the overly priced scrub pants for work. You know, I saw the scrub pants are over $20 at Walmart. Anyway, all are going to get ruined by the bleach spills while working. 

I did manage to make some vegetable stock in the slow-cooker with the cut ends of vegetables. I keep the ends of carrots, outer leaves of cabbage, the onion pieces etc in the freezer. When it is enough, I make stock. This stock is good for making stews or soups. 

So, how was your weekend? What frugal things you did over the weekend? any thoughts about Costco?
Love to see you comment here. 

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With Love


  1. Most of my weekends are spent frugally but this weekend was London's annual Wine and Food show and I spent $50 on admission and sample tokens. That's a big expenditure for me but I had more than enough in my misc budget to cover it. And it was a great time spent with friends.

    1. $50 for a great experience is still frugal. You are owesome!


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