Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Upcycle or Recycle?

It is snowing and it is cold in Toronto. I have to go out only in the afternoon. What I really need is a long sleeve T-shirt to layer in the cold. A cotton shirt is good, but while working, I love some fleece on my arms to keep me comfortable. 
Getting a new one is the immediate solution. But, who want to go out in the cold?
Here is my solution. I got a short sleeve shirt. There is a hoodie my daughter don't want , and not going to fit me. But, the sleeves are perfect for a new project.

Just cut the long sleeve from her hoodie and used some fusible web to attach it on the short sleeve t-shirt. Now I have cotton on the body and fleece on the sleeve. How long it is going to last? I have no idea.

I am not sure it is up-cycling or re-cycling. What do you think? Glad that I didn't do shopping for that .


  1. Well it's definitely "re-using" and very creative! Looks nice too! :)


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