Thursday, 12 January 2017

Victory lap Retirement: Book review

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I was reading a book called "Victory lap Retirement". It is written y Mike Drak and Jonathan Chevreau. I have seen Mark from My Own Advisor was holding a give away of the above said book.
Then I saw Mr. Chevreau on CBC talking about the book.

In this book authors talks about what to do after gaining financial independence. They are saying putting a full stop on your career is not good for our health (which is actually wealth).

People are living longer than ever. We need to have a purpose and some meaningful thins to do even after retirement. That is why no one wants to have an idle life.

This book is for people who have attained the financial freedom. This is for people who didn't follow through their passion when they were young.

When you no longer need that work to cover the day to day expenses, work in fun, right?

When I read the blogs by Meanqueen, Crabapplelanding and Frugalqueen, I think they are all having the victory lap in their own way. 

When I decide to retire, I am sure, I will not get a pension from my employer. So, it is all what I saved and invested. Since Canadians can get the CPP, I am sure I will get that. 

It is victory lap or not, we need to have a reason to get up in the morning and enjoy the day. 
By the way, if you are in Toronto, you don't have to buy the book. It is available in the Toronto Public Library.

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  1. The financial book that helped me the most was "The Wealthy Barber" written by Canadian David Chilton. Using a few of his tips and strategies was how I managed to scrape together a down payment as a single parent.

    1. I love "Wealthy Barber" too. Pay yourself first is his important principle. I also read "The wealthy Barber Returns" .

  2. The retirement age in Britain is likely to be 70 before much longer as the State pension becomes stretched as the older population gets bigger and lives longer. I myself retired at the age of 58 when a fixed term contract ended. I never seem to have much spare time - lots of interests and activities to keep me occupied. Nevertheless, I may try to get hold of a copy of the book - new ideas are always welcome.

    1. Thank you Ms Rix for commenting on the blog. It is always good to find new ideas. If you are interested, there is a website, you should check out.


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