Sunday, 22 January 2017

Worries about Toronto housing market

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As you know, I am living in Toronto, a big city in Canada.
We bought our little condo apartment in 2010. The initial thought was live in this place, and it will be our starter home.
What happened next is, the housing costs went sky high. May be we can say it is now outer-space high.

With every old house in the region is costing about a million bucks, I am lucky to own my little place here.

You can see that houses are getting sold like money is coming from trees. I am wondering where are all these rich people coming from.

The gossip on the street is that money is coming from China. Then how the Chinese can take the money out of their country under the the strict rule of Communism? My oriental friends also have no clue. 

Call me dump... But, who is paying and how they can afford the mortgage payments?(If they are getting mortgage)

If the foreigners are buying all the available places in Toronto, then where people who come to work and live here are going to stay?

If the foreign tax on Vancouver made the housing prices affordable, then why Toronto is not doing anything?

Mayor Tory is very popular here. But he is not talking about it. Ontario Premier is also not  going to do anything about it. 

Shouldn't we have a big rally to make the housing affordable to the common people who work every day and vote for these people to be in power?

What do you think? Any ideas to make housing more affordable?
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