Thursday, 23 February 2017

Cleaning the blender

Dear visitor,
I like making milk smoothies.
It is really easy peacy.  Place all kinds of fruits, frozen or fresh, the add some milk. Pulse it first, and when it feels all fruits got mixed up, blend for a minute or two.

It is very very easy and refreshing. Some people make veggie smoothie. But Milk and fruit is my favourite. I bought my blender from Loblaws about 11 years back. It still works fine.
Now cleaning the blender after making the smoothie is little tricky. I used to take all parts apart first. If I was careless, got injured by the blades. Not anymore.
Easy way is to fill the jar half way with some warm water a few drops of dish washing liquid.
Then pulse it few times.  Empty the soapy water. Then take apart the blade and rinse off all the parts.
I do the same thing with my Magic Bullet too.  That way we can protect the rubber seal on the Magic Bullet for long.

Do you clean the blender like I do?
Till next post,
With Love


  1. All my smoothies are milk and fruit too with a little yogurt. My favorite is frozen mango, fresh whole orange (peeled lol), and source yogurt in the pineapple/coconut flavor). My blade doesn't come out of my blender but it is about 15 years old. I just make sure to wash it out immediately after using it though. Never tried turning it on with soap in it, will try that today!

  2. I don't own a blender, I'm not a fan of smoothies, but fruit smoothies sound much nicer than veg ones.


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