Thursday, 9 February 2017

Cleaning day!

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I got a few hours to myself. No work and no pressing issues to solve. So, I decided to just clean up the place. I have my re usable wipes to use.  Took one out. The smell of Lysol was powerful. Instructions on the bottle clearly says to add water to dilute it before use. Silly me, didn't read it while making the wipes.

So, I put one wipe in a bowl of water and rinsed out before using it. It still had the Lysol smell. With one wipe, I managed to wipe all the kitchen counters and backsplash.
Dusted the whole place and vacuumed too. Wow! There was still time to clean the bathtubs and bathroom flour.  My vinegar soap solution was good to clean the tub.
So, I am thinking, may be once a week, I can do this cleaning ritual.
Paper filing is another chore I have to pay attention. Tax season is coming up. I need to get everything organized. Hopefully, we will manage to do the tax by ourselves. All the necessary papers are in one place already.
Do you guys started thinking about tax filing? How you organize things? Do you have a fixed timetable for cleaning the home?

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  1. I used the free version of turbotax and filed our own taxes last year, we will be doing that again. I must get on that too

  2. My taxes are done but not filed. I use Turbo tax though it's not free. For the first time ever I have to pay. This is because I asked for 10% withholding tax on my CPP - obviously this wasn't enough!


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