Saturday, 4 February 2017

Dinner At Home

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Thanks for dropping by. 

It is really cold in here. But there is no snow. Is it really good? I am not sure. But, I think, when it is snowing, it will be less cold. 

We had some sweet potatoes from last weeks grocery shopping. I love baked sweet potatoes. We bought a Costco rotisserie chicken. 

Since the sweet potatoes were not enough, we added some regular potatoes too. 

We made a yoghurt sauce to go with it. I grind garlics, a piece of ginger and a small green chilly with a little yoghurt. Added some salt to taste. It really worked! 

We got a low cost lovely dinner.  There is some left over chicken. It will get converted to some tasty dish later.

Till next post,
With love


  1. I love baked sweet potatoes too! Today I have a crockpot full of chilli cooking away - a ladle full of chilli on top of a baked potato also makes a satisfying meal!

  2. I would love to know how to make chilli in crockpot.


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