Tuesday, 14 February 2017

DIY Sauerkraut experiment

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Two weeks before hubby bought a red cabbage. It was on sale: he said. Half of the cabbage I used to cook. 
I was itching to try my hands on making sauerkraut. So, I chopped the half cabbage roughly. Chopped a small piece of ginger from the freezer. Chopped a few cloves of garlic too. 
Put about 2 spoons of regular table salt on it. (Most of the recipes asking to use non-iodized salt) Mixed everything together and placed in a glass bottle. I had a jar of distilled water. So added that to top of the chopped cabbage. Then just left it on the kitchen counter for 2 weeks. 
I took some and tasted today.
My sauerkraut is tangy enough for me. Wow!! Look at the colour!
It is really easy. Fermented foods are good source of probiotics, they say. 
Going to try some carrots next time. I am going to keep the sauerkraut in the fridge. 

Hubby bought me some pickling salt this week. Will post about the next experiment soon.Umm... may be in about 3 weeks. 

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