Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Frugal Freezer

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Since this is a no grocery shopping week, I am depending more on my freezer.

Now, let us think of the freezer. I don't have a chest freezer. We just use the freezer that comes with the fridge. No, it is not a fancy fridge. Just a regular one, with a freezer compartment on the top. 

Now, what do I freeze?

At present, we have carrots, beetroots, and spinach. Then few tomatoes and some fruits.

Carrots were plenty in the fall. Same was the case of beetroots. We peeled and sliced the carrots and freeze them in freezer bags. Beetroots were boiled first, then removed skins. They also got sliced before getting in the freezer. 

I have ginger in the freezer. Whenever we buy ginger, I wash, peel and slice into cubes and then freeze them. Want ginger tea? Just drop a small piece in the boiled water and seep. You got it right? Do you know you can freeze the curry leaves? It will turn slightly blackish, but the flavour will be same. Green chillies can be frozen too.  I like to freeze garlics too. Just put a few frozen garlic cloves in your stews or soups. It is just fine. (Wash and peel them before freezing)

I even freeze the store bought bread. Costco has the 3 packs of bread. I place them in the freezer. Before using, you just have to put in the fridge and let it thaw. It is good for making sandwich or toast. 

I do even freeze the vegetable scraps. I keep a plastic container in the freezer to keep my veggie scraps. Once the container is full, I make veggie stock in the slow cooker. 

What you have in your freezer? Do you use the freezer to save money?

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  1. Pretty much just meat, veg and fruit. I'll throw old bananas in there when they get too ripe to use for muffins and banana bread. I also put leftover soups and stews and chilli in single serving containers to use for a quick lunch or supper.

    1. I haven't thought of keeping left over soup in the freezer.. Thanks for that.

  2. Definitely bananas for muffins and bread. If I open a can of pizza sauce (I make my own pizza but not the sauce) I use half and freeze the other half, same with a can of sliced olives, I only use a tiny bit of sauce and a handful of olives per pizza that way. I freeze bread too, mainly because we are trying to eat less and that way we have to toast it/take it out to thaw so are not tempted just to snack on it because it sits on the counter. I have blackberries picked free on the side of the road waiting to be made into jam (need to get on that). I did not have a great tomato crop last year so couldn't freeze those but had a bumper crop the year before and froze those last winter

    1. I freeze cheese too, forgot to say that. I buy it in huge blocks when on sale and cut into chunks, that way I only take out a chunk when we need more. It gets a little bit more crumbly than normal but that is the only drawback.

    2. Yes, cheese is good to freeze. I like the idea of cutting them into chunks before freezing. Great idea to save money on cheese. Have to try my hands on pizza dough.


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