Monday, 20 February 2017

Frugal tip: Cleaning the cleaner

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We all have the cleaning tools: vacuum cleaner, mops, dusters, dishwasher, washing machine etc. 
I just have a vacuum cleaner. Nothing fancy like a Dyson. When I was buying it 5 years before, I was not thinking much about environment or frugal living. It was all about convenience. So, I bought a vacuum cleaner with disposable bag.
 It was working fine. Last week i noticed it is not sucking that much like before. Under the brush, thee was a lot of hair tangled and making the machine struggle. 
Tried to remove the hair with my hands. But it was very hard. The website called one good thing by jillie has a simple solution. Use a seam ripper . It worked so fast and effectively. 
a little bit of caring can make the machine work for more years. It is a wise investment of your time, I think.
Do you ever clean the cleaner?


  1. I clean my vacuum cleaner, mine has a filter inside that needs cleaning and I get hair stuck around the roller too, I usually cut it with a pair of scissors which takes a long time!

  2. I DO have a Dyson and have to make it last as it wasn't cheap. It has a washable filter and no bags which I'm glad about. I have two cats and it vacuums up the cat hair really well.

    1. I am jealous of your Dyson. Hold on to it.


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