Monday, 6 February 2017

Frugal Weekend

Dear Visitor,

Thanks for dropping by. 

It is back to Monday. The weekend is over. 

It was really cold. But we did went to Costco, to get some prescriptions filled. The shop was so full of people. We got the meds and then bought a rotisserie chicken. Then dashed out. It was very tempting to buy a Adidas brand walking shoe there. Since i already have enough shoes I managed to tame that temptation. 

We had dinner at home, as usual. I managed to do big loads of laundry and line dried them inside. That was big achievement. But, the things aren't dried enough to do iron all work clothes for the week. 

Hubby was watching Super Bowl. But we didn't have any guests. He called me to watch half time performance by Lady Gaga. Oh boy, it was one fine performance! Hope you all watched that one.

I told you my attempt to not to go grocery shopping  for this entire week. Hopefully, we can do that. 

The weather prediction is for freezing rain on Tuesday. I think, I really have to find motivation to get out tomorrow.

I have to look on my personal finance and think of doing some investments. 
Hope, you all had a frugally awesome weekend.

Till next post,
With love 

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