Monday, 13 February 2017

Frugal Weekend

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After a day of continuous snowing, today feels like nice. Because of the light reflecting on the snow, it is very white outside. 
When you are inside the comforting warmth of your home, it is very pleasant to view the snow falling down. When you are outside, walking or driving, it a different story. 

Since the last week was a no-shopping one, we did some grocery shopping this week. Actually there was no way we can survive another week without a grocery shopping. 

We bought a piece of meat, that costs a little less than $8. It got cooked and it is going to be stretched for the whole week. I am going to have more veggies cooked during the week. 

Did I told you that we pack our lunch and almost never buy lunch outside? 
The laundry is all done and getting line dried. I bought some tomatoes extra this week. They have to go to the freezer. 
The Valentines day is going to be on Tuesday. We will not be celebrating that. 

I did a DIY hair colouring to cover my greys. It costs $6.99 for the colour. 

I am really tempted to get a manicure after seeing my coworker's hand. She gets a manicure and pedicure for $30 every month.

 After thinking about it I finally decided not to do it. The important thing for me is to get financially independent. $360 invested will be good for that. Being a dental assistant gives me enough reasons not to colour my nails and having short nails.

Do you get manicure and pedicure every month? If you DIY your nails, what are the things you buy?

Hope, you had a relaxing weekend too.
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  1. I never do my nails but do paint my toenails in sandal weather in the summer. I no longer colour my hair but do use a spray in lightener that costs $10 but last about 6 months as you only use a couple of sprays every few days. It helps hide the odd gray hair I have. I might start colouring my hair more though when I get more grey.

    1. I have lots of grey hair. Nice to meet another blogger who doesn't do the nails.

  2. I try to do my own mani and pedi, but I have to get them both done every 3 or 4 months professionally. I feel like sometimes it's such a waste of money to get them done. I tried a new place the other day and she did such a horrible job. My nail polish chipped the same day and my cuticles weren't done properly :( Makes me so sad!

    1. I will get madd too if the polish chip the same day. They might used poor quality products on you.

  3. Wow love your nails and nail color.
    I get meni pedi like once or only twice a year.


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