Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Homemade re-usable wipes

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A free day just landed on me. That means, there is time to find ways to do a project I wanted to do.

I was thinking about making some re-usable wipes. But, never find the motivation, or time. Today is the day to make those.

I took few old t shirts, that won't fit anymore.

Then I cut just below the sleeves.

Now the shirt is two layers. Cut off the side to make it two pieces. Now two wipes are ready.

I got an empty plastic container. The pickle finished. So, it was waiting to go to the recycling bin. Now that will be the reusable wipes container.

I filled the bottle with my "wipes". I had a bottle of Lysol at home. Hubby bought it for me and I can't even remember when. So, poured bit of Lysol in to the bottle to keep my wipes moist.

Now after using the wipes, I am going to put them in another container and wash it later. 

Making the bottle pretty is another project for another day. 

When the Lysol is finished, I am thinking of using diluted dish detergent or Vinegar-soap mix. 

 I am thinking, Lysol in a bottle is cheaper than those Lysol wipes.  This way, there will not be much plastic containers to get rid off.

Do you have any other green ideas to save money? Hope you will share your thoughts with me.

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  1. I was just thinking about this the other day. I remember seeing something on Pinterest but they were still using paper towels. This is a much better idea!! I would definitely go for the vinegar/water solution. I have a spray bottle of that but stilll using paper towels. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Miss Mazuma. I have a granite counter top. So, not sure of using vinegar on it. Definitely soap and water will work on it.

    2. Ohhhh. Good point! Something to research for sure. :)

  2. Great idea. I am going to try this.


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