Sunday, 5 February 2017

No Shopping Week

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It is Sunday. It was snowing from the morning itself in Toronto. 

Sundays are usually for chores and to enjoy being at home. But, since we didn't do the weekly grocery shopping on Saturday, we were thinking of doing it today. One look outside, and I wanted to stay home. Hubby also liked to stay home. 

So, no grocery shopping done. I am thinking, we can live one week without buying fresh produce from the shop. 
There are frozen carrots, and beetroots in my freezer. Then there is still milk. There are few onions, garlic and some potatoes. I have a packet of frozen spinach. Then the essentials : oats, rice and wheat flour. Lentils, chickpeas and soybeans also in my pantry. 

It looks like we can survive. Only thing that can drive us to grocery store will be fruits. Grapes and oranges are not going to last till next Saturday. Apples can be fine. They can stay fresher longer in the fridge. Think, I will finish other fruits first and save the apples for the Friday. 
I have some dried fruits and nuts. So, altogether, it seems manageable to postpone grocery shopping for a week, for two people. 

Have you ever skipped weekly grocery shopping? 

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