Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Simple Weekend

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The weekend was frugally awesome. Dear daughter was home for last one week. It was her reading week. Usually during the reading week, she does everything other than reading. This was different: with a lot of assignments and unfinished academic stuff, she was bound to her room. 

The good thing about it was the TV was not working most of the time and I was escaped from the American political news. Then, there was a lot of home cooking. We made tofu, biriyani, baked rutabagas and chickpeas.

After the Carrot Experiment, I tried my hand on sauerkraut again. this time with regular cabbage and pickling salt. Half a cabbage is used. I found a big mouthed glass jar with lid for fermenting. Now it is in a jam bottle and in the fridge. Hubs love the taste. I didn't bother to add ginger or garlic this time. But, it still taste good. 

Crabapple Landing and Life after Money authors are walking out everyday. I am blaming the cold for not walking. So thinking of taking a walk at least one block before getting on the bus to work. Let us see how that will work! 

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  1. I try to avoid watching the news, it's always doom and gloom.

    It's sounds like you've been busy this weekend! :)

    1. News is always gloom. But still watch it sometimes.

  2. I like to take advantage of the nice weather. Yesterday I walked 12km to a Bulk Barn and back. The last km it lightly sprinkled and was really windy - not so nice. Today, with snow on the ground, I may or may NOT get outside for a walk but I will definitely ride my stationary bike while I read :) Having alternatives makes it easier to exercise every day. Parking further away from destinations is also another way of getting a bit more exercise.

    1. Some days are more lethargic than others. But, managed to walk to the second bus stop two days in a row.


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