Sunday, 26 March 2017

Avoiding extra spending

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During the March break I was offered more hours of work. People with school going kids wanted to take off to spend time with kids. Since I don't have a kid at home right at that moment, I was ready to work and help. The end result was long days for me. After getting the bitter taste of  job loss in the family, my motto is to "work when there is work available". 

Long hours can trigger you to spend un necessarily. To avoid that, I was having some strategies.

 Main thing was to cook more food to keep in the fridge for the whole week. That way, there was enough things to pack for lunch. You know, hungry, tired and no packed lunch is a reason to shop for crappy fast food. There were more in the fridge to heat up as dinner. After working, who will have the energy to work in the kitchen?

So, we packed lunch and made breakfast in the morning. Then went our ways to work. 

There were enough clean pressed clothes for the entire work week. Happy to tell you all that the extra work didn't made me spending extra. Actually, now I can start saving to buy a new laptop for my daughter. The one she uses now is falling apart. Hope to have saved enough by the coming September.

How you avoid the extra spendings?


  1. Preparation is key and you were right on top of things! I've managed to have a few No Spend days in the past week so my account levels are the same as they were a week ago! Love that! I have a dentist app't so they will get my money!

    1. I know. some expenses are to keep us healthy, while we are alive.

  2. It's easy to pay for convenience, but often it costs a fortune. It sounds like you've got the right idea, planning ahead and saving yourself some money :)

  3. I would love to subscribe... but I don't have any of the formats you offer... please advise and I love your blog!!!


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