Friday, 24 March 2017

Composting Dilemmas

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I am thinking about having a container garden on my balcony this season. I love to plant some veggies, especially some peppers.
I want to use compost for the plants.  So, where to get compost? May be Walmart? The website don't show any. some other sources are very expensive.

It will be great, if I can make compost, right?
I did a search to see how city dwellers do composting. Turned out there are are some composting bins designed for apartments alone. 
Further research showed that it can bring in fruit flies. 

Amazon has many ideas: 
That one is really cute, isn't it? But the reviews were not great. So, I was reluctant to buy.
Finally, I am glad to tell you there is a very simple solution for my compost problem.
City is giving away free compost and I can get it from one of several locations from April to September, on Saturdays. 

So, I am not going to do composting. I am going to get the compost free. 

Are you planning to do gardening this year? What would you be planting? Have you tried composting? 


  1. We make our own! A few years ago our local council were giving the bins away for free to encourage residents to lessen the waste in their rubbish bins. All our fruit and veg peelings, cardboard, tea bags and coffee grounds go in ours.
    We'll be planting lettuce again this year, our tortoise munches his way through a mountain of it and it costs us a fortune. x

    1. Thanks Vix for visiting my blog and commenting. I am still reluctant to start my own composting. This will be the first time I am going to use compost. It is really good that you make your own.

  2. I live in a small apartment that doesn't have any outdoor space, I would like a garden at some point in the future, it would be nice to grow some veggies :D

    1. It will be nice to have one or two veggie plant at least. It will be nice to watch it growing .

  3. Excellent plan - I wonder if London has free compost? Living in a condo we have small patios and are not allowed to have a composter as it would be too close to our homes.

    1. May be London has too. Toronto has a green bin program. I was
      searching for free compost by city, and got information.May be you could search the city programs in your area.


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