Thursday, 2 March 2017

February passive income

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February is over. March has started. Here we are just looking for the spring. Time to have a look back on February, right?
Yes, time to look for the passive income too. Together me and hubs made $197.93 in passive income. That is the money we got from dividends. 
I am also glad to tell you I made a wopping 83 cents on the blog. That is just the Adsense money. It is really interesting. That is going to stay with google since the minimum amount to take out must be $100. I have a long road ahead to reach there. 

Do any of you make any real income from blogger blogs? 
that will be interesting to know. I read about blogs making big amounts from Google Adsense. In my experience, it is just one or two cents a time. 

If you look on the Blog List on the side bar, you can see two new blogs are added: Sam, coffee, Money and Thyme and Tales From Tanya. Those are the two new blogs I am reading regulary along with the other ones on the list. 

How was your February? What new interesting stuff you found?
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