Sunday, 12 March 2017

Frugal weekend

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The week fly fast. The weekend is also over. We had a lovely trip to visit our daughter at the university. We had a good couple of hours and had lunch with her in the mall. I always carry some warm water/green tea in a flask while travelling in winter. That way we can avoid the coffee shops. It is a good way not to add calories unnecessary. If we buy coffee, we love to have the double double. With water or green tea, there is no calories. There are no paper cups. Frugal and green at the same time. The eating out was a treat for her. So, that was actually planned.

I did one load of laundry and used the drier to dry it. But, the load had bed sheets in it. So, it is justified. 
The visitors got home made coffee and store bought pie. We had great conversation and lot of laughs. That is the real thing matters. The love of friendship and fun. 

I managed to finish reading the book "unshakable" by Tony Robins this week. It is a nice read. Mr. Robins tells how to invest wisely so that you will not be affected by the ups and downs of the market. Yes, he talks about index investing. He talks about buying and holding and not to panic when market goes down. He also tells to count your blessings and to stay happy, instead of worrying. He gives one meditation technique in the book, which I would love to try often. It is a really interesting book. I got it from the Toronto public library in ebook format. (You know, I am frugal, right?)

Since this week is going to be March break, and I have no school going kids, I agreed to do work for some friends. Let us see how the week is going to be. 
How you doing? What is up for March break?

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  1. I'm sure March break will be the same for me as last week :) As a former teacher oh how I longed for March break! Now it's the last week I would book a flight anywhere - too busy for me!

    1. When you are not stressing out about reaching to work place everyday, every day is same. That is how freedom feels like. Enjoy the life your way.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I've never heard of the book you mentioned but 'count your blessing and stay happy' sounds like good advice. Family and Friends are more important than money :)

    1. Family and friends are more important to life. Being happy is what everybody wants.


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