Thursday, 2 March 2017

Little things I Do to save money

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I decided to live below the means and to save money about  a year before. That doesn't mean life was drowning in debt.  But, now, it is like a very mindful way of simple living/frugal living and investing more for the future retirement.I love to include the minimalism principles in life and not buying more stuff to fill the home.Here are some of the little unconventional things I do to keep the spending lower.

Most of the time, I do hang my clothes to dry. We have a cloth stand from Costco. It is a foldable one , so that it won't take much space when not in use. I do place the cloth stand inside the condo while drying clothes. The law of condo corporation do not allow hanging clothes on balcony.

Most of the meals are cooked at home. I am lazy to go out to eat. Breakfast and dinner are cooked at home. The lunches are made and packed while working all day. Since I don't like to line up at coffee shop, I  make my coffee at home or at work. Like instant coffee without sugar. Even for the free coffee at McDonalds, I am reluctant to go.

At the rare occasions of eating out, we buy water or just one large drink and share with hubs. 

Alcohol is very limited. Once in a blue moon, love to have some wine. But, make sure it is local brand or less than $10 for a bottle. It really is a treat. 
I do use frozen veggies. sometimes, we freeze produce bought from the shop. I buy frozen fruits too. Make jam from frozen fruits. 

I make my own fermented carrots and cabbage

There is a bread machine and I use white flour to bake bread. 
Paper towels are not used very often. I make wipes from old clothes and re-use them.

This small family don't buy softdrinks and juices, unless we are expecting company. Same goes for chocolates. 

I keep long hair and cut it by myself. Keeping long hair is really very frugal. You can make a hair bun or put a ponytail. The hair bands are very inexpensive. Cutting long hair is easier than shorter styles, I think.I also dye my hair using store bought hair dye. 

We have only one car. I take bus most of the time or just walk. (Walking in the winter is not fun though.)

I do pay the credit card bill in full when the bill comes every month. We have only 2 credit cards. 

I use the public library a lot. Love to read ebooks on Overdrive. Toronto public library has a lot of ebook, audio books and even music. They have digital magazines as well. So, I don't buy books or magazines usually. 

What about you? Are you passionate about simple living ? What is frugal living means to you?

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  1. Great post, you've inspired me to write about my own penny pinching techniques :D

    1. Thanks Tania. I love your blog. You write beautifully.

  2. I do a lot of the same things as you do - I cut my own hair and use the library from home to download books. Last week I only used my truck once when I needed to go a fair distance from home. When I know I have to use my truck I group my errands all together in one day instead of driving every day. It really helps - I've gone from budgeting $160 per month for gas to only budgeting $100. And I usually only use about $80. Today I need to buy groceries so will use the truck and will also go buy some British pounds for my trip, will go to another store to get some food bargains and am going to see a movie. Otherwise I walk as I have a grocery store only 1 block away as well as a bank, a library, Dollarama, Giant Tiger and Wal-Mart and a thrift store.

    1. Jane, that is pretty awesome! By careful about the money, you can do more travels and enjoy life. Which movie you going to see?


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