Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mistakes on Money

Dear Visitor,
Thanks for dropping by.
This is just another day, when there is nothing much to write about.  
There are some frugal mistakes I did though. 
The rate for electricity is lower before 7 am in morning. But, I woke up late and did all the cooking after 7am. Not just one day, two days in a row. 
I was supposed to iron clothes on Sunday evening. Even though there was nothing much to do on last Sunday, i really was lazy and end up ironing on Tuesday morning. Yes, right after 7 am. 

Guess, occasional mistakes are making up human beings.  So I am forgiving myself. 
As a side note, going to put an alarm on cell phone for 6am for tomorrow.

Hopefully, things will be on track for the rest of the week. 

Till next post
With love


  1. We have a flat rate here no matter what time the power is used although I am sure that will change. I can sign in to BC Hydro and see the daily power used, hard to tell what makes it peak though.

    1. I didn't know that BC has flat rate on hydro.

  2. We get cheaper Electricity between 12.00am and 7.00am, I really should start taking advantage of it more often :)

    1. Sure Tania. You should take advantage of that.


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