Thursday, 9 March 2017

There is no dish soap

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I have to confess again: I thought I have one full bottle of dish washing liquid at home. That why we didn't get a bottle (on sale) at Costco last last time.
Big Mistake!!!
When I was looking to refill the dish sopa in my spray bottle, I sw the one with a few drops left in it. There was no full bottle I was thinking I have it.
Checked all over the places, but there is no other dish soap. I spent a lot of time looking for it, because I misplace lot of things.
Emptied the jar and used that up. Since there is still dishwasher tablets, I did made my dishwasher run more times this week. Yes, we managed to have clean dishes. But, now, I can't trust my memory. That is a big problem: Am I getting too old to remember things?

Did you ever run out of things like dish soap for couple of days? How you managed? Do you worried about your memory?
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