Sunday, 30 April 2017

More money?

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You can see that my posts are not many in April. I feel it too. Sometimes, it is due to lack of subjects.Other times, it is lack of time. 

My reason now is lack of time: I got a side hustle once a week for 2 hours. Then I got  my dental assisting jobs. Yes, jobs, with different employers. so, whenever, they need extra help, I am the one got asked to help them. Good for my personal finance. More money to invest, right?

Recently, one of my co worker got a new job with better pay and benefits. So, while the employer is on the search for a new assistant, I am asked to help. Remember, my motto is to "work when work is available". So, I was working last week. Of course, that will bring some money. But it is all the time less than $20 for an hour. I can write more blog posts and be happy. But, there will not be any money to be seen. So, comparing the options, I can work for some one, and get paid few bucks, and give few bucks to the government too. 

So, by working everyday, I am helping my employer to deliver treatments and to make money. I am also contributing more to the Canadian society by paying more tax. 

Working more also means that I have to plan ahead to avoid un necessary spending. We have to have food in the fridge so that we don't depend on take outs. The lunches and snacks should be packed so that there will be no temptations to buy from outside. The house must be reasonably clean so that it will let us rest and be happy for the next day. 

What do you think of working more hours than usual? Will you do it? Will you refuse to do that? 
Incase you have more paid work, what will you do to avoid extra spending?


  1. Nice. Yeah I like to work alot now. When the weather is nicer I take alot more time off. I always say you spend more when your not working. So working brings in and also prevents me from spending it.

    1. Yes, you are right. When we are not working, we tend to spend money .

  2. It makes no sense to take on extra hours and then eat out so you are doing the right thing by planning your meals. I would take the extra hours but on a time-limited basis so you don't get run down as you might get sick then. Take care of yourself!

    1. My regular work hours are less than 40 a week. Dental assisting is a dangerous job where you can get needle pricks and such while cleaning the instruments. That can be the subject of another post.

  3. Yes, the government always gets their share don't they! I was a teacher on salary so it didn't matter if I worked 40 hours or 60 hours a week I was paid the same amount. And no such thing as overtime. It made for easy budgeting however, as I always knew how much my pay would be.


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