Thursday, 13 April 2017

Upcycling An Old Sweatpant

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The winter is finally over. Time to put away some winter clothes, right? 
the 100% polyester sweatpants was in my daughters pile to discard. I was thinking of using it for something. Finally, got an idea.
Actually there are two sudden ideas.

The pants was about to be thrown out. But, I was going to clean the flours first. There is my swiffer sweeper, with disposable dry wipes. I read it before about using fleece instead of the disposable dry wipes. 
I cut the end of the pants to make like a sock for the Swiffer sweeper. Not really working. 
So I opened it up to a rectangle. Now see the new re-usable swiffer wipe
There is this leg cuff part, I cut from the pants.
Lovely, right? I was thinking of making a cuff of sorts. Then cut the edge out. It was a doubled piece!!!
Opened it up to see how long it is. 
Suddenly, I got the idea to make a cozy for my oil bottle in the kitchen. The round glass bottle is always having oil on the outside. 
Now there is something to cover it. I want to see how long it will stay. The bottom is just tucked under the bottle. I didn't bother to sew. But, it is not wobbling the bottle.
Rest of the pants are going get cut into rectangles to be used as flour mops on Swiffer sweeper. I tried it already. It collects all the dust and hair. 
Want to make wet mops? don't worry, spray some soap water on the cloth, and it is good to go.

Have you ever up-cycled clothes? Recycled sweatpants especially? 


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  2. Great idea!! We have one of these sweepers and I hate buying the feels like such a waste. This works so much better and its essentially free!

    1. I love the free part of it, you know. Washed it. Looks fine.

  3. I've never tried upcycling clothes before, but this sounds like a good idea, you could wash the cloth afterwards and use it again.

    1. Yes,. I washed it. It has no problem. I am going to keep a couple of them.

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  5. My wife upcycles every piece of clothing that she or I no longer wear. I don't think we have thrown out a piece of clothing for at least five years. Her handbag is made from an old pair of blue jeans and our dog has an entire wardrobe of clothes from upcycling. Once I saw him wearing an outfit made from one of my old polo shirts.

    Clifford @ ETC Pads


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