Tuesday, 6 June 2017

May 2017, Passive income

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We are almost finished half of the year. Since Just has started, time is up for me to look on how much dividend is made this month. 
Between me and my spouse, we made an awesome total of $215.57 in May. 
Recently, i bought some shares of TD bank. It is one of the major banks in Canada. I was thinking of buying TD for some time. The money got ready only in May. 
There were some thoughts about buying a bigger home. After many many discussions, we dropped out that idea. Main reason is the higher housing prices. The second reason is the stress of borrowing money. So, the final decision is to pay off the mortgage on the small condo we live in and to save for retirement. 
Will you live in a small place to be financially independent? 


  1. Yes, I bought this condo in 1994 and had it paid off in 17 years. I often thought about a bigger home but decided it made more sense to stay put and save my money for retirement. People usually downsize when they retire anyways so we're ahead of the game :)

    1. I haven't thought of downsizing in retirement. Yes, now we are ahead of the game. Thanks for pointing it out.


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