Monday, 19 June 2017

Sunday Fun

Dear Visitor,
Thanks for dropping by.
The weekend was another frugal one. The weather is getting nicer. It is time to go out and be in the sun.
The gardening attempt is going on. So far two eggplants are growing out. The potato i put in the soil for fun is having a lot of leaves. Now I think, the container should have been a bit more big.
Since this is a learning process, i am not going to change the container now.
Watering plants in the balcony has to be done carefully. The water flowing out should be carefully managed. If I am not careful, the people living below will be bothered.

Sunday was father's day. Hubs got a gift. Not a very expensive one, yet it is nice and useful. It is a bag, which he really wanted.

When we are going for day trips, I make sure to carry some water. Then, most of the time, the food will also be prepared from home.

That is going to reduce the extra spending and the calorie intake.
On the investment side, I bought few shares of the CIBC last week. I just want to hold them, because we do a lot of banking with them.

How was your weekend?


  1. I try and drink more water but that is one are that I have failed. I cleaned the house, did a bunch of company work/catchup and wanted to do more in the yard but it was rainy and cold most of the weekend so only got some weeding done on Friday night.

    1. To drink more water, we really have to plan. Like, measure the amount of water before and make it kind of flavourful.

  2. It was a fun weekend. I got together with my activist friends and helped to make props for upcoming marches and protests. One of the member's union paid for us to order pizza :)

    1. Wow! pizza.. Love it. Hope the protest is all organized well.

  3. Well, while you're having to water plans on the balcony, I'm dreading the fact that I have to go outside and pluck some weeds from the front of the house. The annoying thing is that they keep growing back!!!


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