Monday, 10 July 2017

Frugal Weekend

The weekend was really bright in Toronto.
As usual, Saturday was just for the errands. Sunday was really for relaxing. Sunday morning started with an extra long walk. It was a cloudy day. That made the walk even more interesting.

I saw berries on plants:
There was a rabbit going to sneak in to a backyard garden:
Can you see the rabbit in the picture? 

I am not sure, why I saw 3-4 abandoned Walmart shopping carts on the road sides. May be it is just a Scarborough thing: People should leave the cart at the shop, right? Now, the carts are making a mess on the street. 
This one is almost 1km away from the Walmart. It can roll on the road and create an accident to oncoming traffic.

At first, I had the cravings to eat out. Then changed mind and made food at home. To go out, thee was "Taste of Lawrence".  Instead, I had a salad with whole wheat crusty bread. Afternoon was just cuddling with a book. I am happy that I didn't spent unnecessarily and ate healthy. 
All the prep work for the coming work week is done. Happy and relaxed for the next week!
How was your weekend? Was it frugal or expensive? Either way, I hope, you had fun.


  1. Your berries are way earlier than ours, our blackberries are just now getting green berries after blooming the last two weeks. They won't be ready to pick until August. I did have a frugal weekend, the power went out Friday night for 2.5 hours just before supper but instead of eating out we fired up the gas bbq and heated up the fish (hubby) and leftovers (me). Other than that the biggest expense all weekend was two litres of cider ($10.15) and two pots of flowers ($17)

    1. Flower pots...irresistible in spring and summer.

  2. Losing my debit card made this past weekend quite frugal lol! I went to Sunfest but most food and craft booths only took cash! So I ate my own food and listened to the music and did NO shopping :)

    1. Hope you found your debit card. No shopping is still good. You can use it for next travel adventure.


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