Thursday, 20 July 2017

Pizza for passive income

Who doesn't love pizza?
Here I am talking about Pizza Pizza royalty corp., which is PZA at TSE.
It is Canadian franchised fast food restaurant.

The interesting thing is it pays monthly dividend. If you are thinking of making passive monthly income, it is a good option to try. According to Google, the dividend yield is 5.02%. It seems good.
It has over 750 locations all over Canada. Most of the Pizza Pizza restaurants are in Ontario..

But, do the same store sales are increasing? I am not sure how to find that out. But, Motley Fool Canada article dated in March 2017 mentions the same store sale of Pizza Pizza has gone up.
With just 64 shares, and an expected dividend of $0.06 per share per month, I hope to increase my dividends from next month onwards.
I am expecting an increase of $46 in my annual dividends with this one stock. That can free about 3 hours of my time!
Wouldn't it be cool to get passive income from Pizza?


  1. Passive income from pizza? Very cool idea :) And when you buy a pizza from Pizza Pizza you are investing in yourself!

  2. Dear Pellrides,

    I also like and hold Pizza Pizza shares.

    It costs less to order a pizza than eating out at a family restaurant and I love pizza as well as many other Canadians. I figure it will be one of the last "indulgences" to go when people need to budget.


    1. Thanks for visiting Journeys of the Zoo. Takeout Pizza from Pizza Pizza is a blessing sometimes when you are so tired to cook and don't have time to go to the restaurant.

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    1. How can that be passive income? You are actually working to make money.


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